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or close shops, have lunch and so on only during certain hours. Generally it is best to 'hole up' outside until morning. This also gives you an opportunity to revitalize spell points, heal and sometimes be visited by Lord British, who may reward you or caution you to follow a certain path to meet your goals.

Barkeeps will give you useful clues for a price. If short of cash, save the game before you bribe a Barkeep; get the information, then restore game. This may not seem 'Avatarish', but in the early stages of the adventure you must be prudent at times! Secret doors are marked with white dots in the walls, but these are sometimes hard to see. A ship is needed to reach some places; consult the map before setting out for a new location to see if this is the case.



This castle has five levels: four above ground and one below. Like most locations, it can be plotted on a 32 x 32 grid. On the Ground Level (near the stable), talk to Treanna. You may find items by searching the level below, where you will find an Armoury and items to be picked up by searching (but DON'T fight any Guards here!). And don't take anything from the locked room down there, since it belongs to Lord British. On one level above you may find an 'orb' with which you may view the floor the way you would with a gem.

On the second level above you will find Lord British's quarters (use a Skull Key to enter, or blow the door off with a cannon). Here lies the Magic Carpet at the entrance and a secret door that opens if you play the harpsichord. The secret door permits you to obtain the Sandalwood Box. (DO NOT SAVE THE GAME HERE!). You may also meet Saduj, who may offer to join you. (DON'T let him - he may cause you to lose the Sandalwood Box). In this room you can also go through the fireplace to a secret place. Going through fireplaces costs you hit points so be sure you can take a few hits coming and going. The stairway in Lord British's quarters leads to an Observatory with a telescope. Don't go to the roof unless you have Skull Keys.


The Towne of Compassion has an Inn and an Armoury. There are sleeping quarters, terrace and a balcony on the upper floors. Talk to Anon, Greyson, Terrance and Guenno.


Here there is a Healer and a Shipwright. Plans for the HMS Cape, which permit faster sailing aboard frigates, are in one of the drawers in the Shipwright's Quarters.


There is an Inn, a Stable and a small garden. A little north of the entrance is a tree stump with three gems. Talk to Joshua and Leof.


Here you will find two gardens, a Tavern and a Graveyard. The gravestones have humorous epitaphs if you have the patience to decipher them. Some graves yield corpses and loot if searched.


Located on an island west of the southern tip of the Isle of the Avatar, the palace is surrounded by a moat. You must be equipped with the Magic Carpet to avoid some of the trap doors inside. Hug the walls when going through the palace, because the traps are normally centered away from the walls. If captured by guards you will be taken to Blackthorn, asked to reveal the Mantra of a Shrine and whether you do or don't, the second man in your party will be tortured and killed. It is best to avoid detection.

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