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There are three levels above and a basement level from the ground floor. On the top level in the centre of the grid you will find the Crown of Lord British. When worn, it protects you from magic spells. You can avoid being captured by knowing the password and wearing the Black Badge. If captured after obtaining the Crown, you can escape in the following manner: In the dead of night, go to the down ladder at the northern central part of the Top Level. Go down to the bedroom and south to the wall and search for the secret door. Take the down ladder on the other side of the door, then search north for another secret door. Take the down ladder on the other side of the door and you will be on the Main Level. Go directly north through the triple doors, and the Magic Carpet will get you over the stream.


On the Upper Level, you will meet Dupre and Sentri, a pair of Fighters you should chat up. Talk to Sir Simon and Tessa for valuable information; an Armoury is available.


This location has a Guild, Armoury, an Inn, a Tavern and a Shipwright. Talk to Scally. You meet Geoffrey, an old friend who wants to join you. Sven gives a clue on where to obtain a glass sword. (It's a powerful weapon but disintegrates when used, so it may not be worth searching for). You can get information on a grapple for a drink for a woman.


Cove is southeast of Locklake and may be reached from there. You may purchase reagents and obtain healing here. Speak to the Sisters of Virtue about Tibse. Ambrose (around midnight at the Healers) will speak to you of the Mystic Arms.


Talk to Sin'Vraal for the name of a Shadowlord.


There are three levels: the first has a Healer, the second a balcony with the Flame of Love. Toshi, a student will offer to join you. Talk to Tim. Converse with Lord Michael (and say 'grapple'). Cory will give free food if you ask for 'squid' or 'shark'. Julia offers to join you. The third level is just a walk around the perimeter where you may find Tim at times.


In Farthing you may learn a spell from Temme and get a spyglass from Lord Seggallion if you answer 'VIRTUE'. Talk to Quintin.


This is the lighthouse on the island just south of Brittain. Jotham will speak of the Underworld.


This lighthouse is on a peninsula South of Trinsic. Here you will find Sir Arbuthnot, the royal coinmaker. David the Keeper will provide you with a sextant when you ask about it. Talk to Lord Kenneth, who will teach you to play the harpsichord. Be sure to search, for you will find five gems, 50GP and a blue potion.


Just a small hut and a graveyard occupy this small island. At 9:00am, a young mage, Sutek, arises and reveals the secret of destroying the Shadowlords. Check out the small graveyard for messages.


There are two levels, the second consisting mainly of sleeping quarters. The first level has an Inn, a Tavern, an Armoury and a Shipwright. You may obtain a magic axe outside the walls to the East, but must first find the secret door in the Northeast section on the main level. Talk to Thorne and the bewildered Mage who speaks and responds to 'backward' words. (Ask for a 'Word of Power', but spell it backwards - 'Drow of Rewop', then say 'Dratsed'). Searching will net you food, torches and a scroll.


This Keep houses the Flame of Truth and has three levels. On the first level is a stable. She also tells how to find a Shrine. On the second level, talk to Mariah in the Healer's Room during the day. There is a Library and a Tavern. Talk to Lady Janell, Rollo and Lord Shalineth. The third level has a Healer and the Flame of Truth. Sir Sean will explain how to get to Stonegate, the fortress of the Shadowlords. Search for items.

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