You may be able to defeat the Shadowlords in battle, but they will return unless you get rid of them permanently. To accomplish this you must first learn their names, obtain the Shards of Cowardice, Falsehood and Hatred from the Underworld, and finally destroy them at the Flames of Courage, Truth and Love. At the flames you must yell their names and, when they stand in the flames, use the Shards to destroy them. The Lords of the three locations of the Flames will reveal to you the names of the Shadowlords. Use each Shard in the Flame of the opposite alignment. The Shadowlord must be standing on or in the Flame, positioned so he's due North of your character and his icon is covering the Flame's icon.


Do not attempt to acquire the Sceptre until you have eliminated the Shadowlords. Stonegate, the Shadowlord's fortress, is located at EK JE. Just North of the Sceptre is a trap-door that leads to certain death; equip the Magic Carpet before entering. A leather-winged abomination guards the entrance. The answer to his riddle is 'WELL' but even if you answer correctly, he will still attack you.


The Shards are located in the Underworld, which may be reached by dungeons. Be equipped with the Magic Carpet. The Shard of Hatred is reached by either dungeon Wrong or Covetous. Falsehood is reached from Deceit, and Cowardice from Hythloth. The In Por spell (Blink) and the Grapple are needed for this phase.


To descend in Wrong: Yell the Word of Power at the entrance. At the exit, head South into a room. Kill off monsters, then descend to Level 2 via the ladder in the middle of the room. Move South SIX times, then West FIVE times to the ladder leading Down. (Watch out for the pit trap and force field).

Descend to Level 4, then go South SIX times and take the ladder Down to Level 5, where you may heal at the fountain by going through a secret door North of you, then go West ONCE and North TWICE.

The other fountain, TWO spaces East, is poisonous! From where you entered Level 5, head South TWICE then follow along either East or West until you reach a chance to go Down, making sure to destroy electric fields in your way (use An Grav spell or the Sceptre), then descend to Level 6.

Wear the crown (to ward off Wisps as you enter Level 8). On Level 6 move East (or West) TWICE, then North TWICE and descend to Level 8. On Level 8 move North TWICE, East ONCE, then face North to reveal a secret door. Go through the secret door and West THREE spaces to a healing fountain. Going East all the way, then South all the way will bring you to the exit to the Underworld. Be prepared for battles, electric fields and bomb traps.

In the Underworld, go South on the path to the fork, then go East on it for a short while before heading South again. At the next fork, move South. At the next fork, go West and look for a gap in the High Mountains to your East. Find it and begin climbing East, following the path of low mountains between the High peaks. View the gem and you'll see a glen in the middle of some mountains; this is the Shard. Keep climbing until you reach it.


To descend in Deceit: At the entrance yell the Word of Power. From the exit of the dungeon, go North through a secret door to the ladder leading Down, then descend to find a healing fountain (you'll neeed it after battling the Daemons on the next level). Go due South down a hallway and take the ladder Down to Level 3.

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