DUNGEON DOOM: THE FINAL QUEST!: Komplettlösung Ultima 5

On Level 4, head: N - N into a room and fight off the monsters. Then take the grate down to Level 5.

On Level 5, head: S - S - E - E then descend to Level 7.

On Level 7, head: N then E into a room and exit N - N - W - N - N into a room, then descend through the grate to Level 8 (after a battle!).

On Level 8, you may DES POR to The Underworld or travel to the exit. Either way, you will have to fight your way through two rooms when you re-enter the Dungeon. The exit to the Underworld (from the ladder) is: S - S - S - S - S - S - W - W - S - S - W - W - S - S - S to a room entrance and enter. (Demons and Wisps are in here).

When exiting from this room, take North, East or West exit if going to the surface. If headed for the Underworld, go South, use any weapon and hit the torch in the middle to open the South exit and turn that half of the room into a lava field. (You'll need a high-level party to survive this and the next room). Then exit South and move South to the ladder to the Underworld.


Here you will finally meet rescue Lord British. The dungeon is located at the exact centre of the Underworld and is reached by descending through Dungeon Shame. Use the Amulet to get through the dark area to Doom. You must have the Crown, Sceptre, Amulet and Word of Power for Doom. You also need the Sandalwood Box.

To Descend Dungeon Shame:

Yell the Word of Power. At first you appear to be locked in, but by attacking rocks on the Southern edge of the level with magic axes, you'll eventually reveal a Southern exit.

Go through the exit and take the first corridor on your left. Follow it around to the descent to Level 7. A sign will inform you that this is the 'deepest' level.

On Level 7, go: S - S - S - S then descend to Level 8.

On Level 8, go: W then DES POR to the Underworld. The exit, if you care to find it, is (from your entrance on Level 8): W - W - S - W - S - S - E - E - E through a secret door.

To find Doom, travel East as far as you can go, then 'BLINK' to the Grassy Plain. Cross the water on the Magic Carpet.

You must have already killed all the Shadowlords before entering Doom. Also required are the Crown, Sceptre and Sandalwood Box. UP and DOWN Spells cannot be cast here, so you can only exit by saving Lord British or by being killed. Rings of Invisibility don't work well here. It helps to wear the Crown.

Dungeon Doom

Level One: Exit the room at (a) by walking up to the edge of the West wall and using the Sceptre, which clears out the walls. Follow the hall to the ladder down at (b).

Level Two: From (c), walk to (d) and take the ladder down.

Level Three: From (e), go due East through the secret door and East to the room at (f), where you can go down.

Level Four. You emerge from Level Three at (g), but continue down the ladder to Level Five.

Level Five and Four: You emerge at (h) and go East, then climb up the pit at (i). You'll be at the top of the '+' sign-shaped area (j) on Level Four. Go South and search for the pit (k). Climb down the pit, and you'll be in the East/West corridor on Level Five.

If you look at a gem, this area looks like a giant grid, with endless hallways in each direction. Right now you are in between intersections. (You're about to get bounced around between levels a few times here). There are pits going up at the intersection in this area. Go east to the first intersection, turn North and take the first pit that goes up between intersections (this is NOT shown on the maps). You should come out at (m) on Level Four.

search for the pit at (l) in the area's Southwest corner, which takes you to a ladder that goes down through Level Five and drops you off at (n) on Level Six.

Level Six: Go West from (n) to the room at the junction, then move North to the ladder and go down.

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