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Level Seven: From (o), go North to the room in the middle of the hall. Don't just pass through. You must slay all monsters in the room. A Fear Spell - followed by a Tremor or something like that - does wonders here. Be SURE to wear the Crown here. After wiping out the fiends, collect all their stuff. From a sandtrap in the centre of the room, you'll find a chest. Open it, take out everything, and a ladder appears under the chest. Go down this ladder. (If you've taken extensive damage, leave the room and heal first).

Level Eight: You emerge in a room (p) divided by a river. Kill off the Dragons and Sea Serpents (a Fear Spell works well here, too). To cross the river, you must activate a trip mechanism in the upper left corner of the room. Use a magic axe, spears or a throwing axe and hit the wall in that section. It's left of the two waterfalls. When you hit it, the bridge is lowered so you can

cross the river. This also releases some monsters, but you can just race across the bridge if you don't want to fight it out. Go West and climb the ladder to (q) on Level Seven.

Level Seven: In the room at (q), you want to go South but there is no exit. So wipe out the monsters and push on the wall near the grate to activate the trip, which exposes a section of wall to the North. From where the grate is, go to the section of wall just revealed and push on it, which opens an exit to the South. After going South, search for a trap at the end of the hallway. This pit trap takes you down to (r) on Level Eight.

Level Eight: Go West from (r) and climb up the ladder to (s) on Level Seven.

Level Seven: From (s), go West and South, searching for the pit trap on the corner. Go around this one, search again and take the next pit trap (t) down to (u) on Level Eight. (Be sure you're wearing the Crown before going down the pit).

Level Eight: On the island (u), first wipe out all the monsters. Choose one character to go to the Northern section of the room, which appears to contain an exit. After the exit seals itself off, someone should push around on the little niche up in the walls of the room's Northeast corner. There's a trip that opens an exit to the East. Go East to (v) and climb up the ladder to (w) on Level Seven.

Level Seven: In (w) is a giant brazier. Do not hit or push the brazier (unless you enjoy being engulfed in hot lava!). To deal with the Daemons on the other side of the barrier, use the Sceptre to chew it away. (If you're wearing the Crown, the Daemons can't harm you). Then walk through and bash the monsters. (Or you can stand near the wall and attack them with a Morningstar, though this would take a long time). Exit to the East, but search before you get to the end of the hallway to avoid falling into a trap. After searching, you can go down the pit to (x) on Level Eight.

Level Eight: FREE AT LAST!: This room (x) has no exits. Walk up to the mirror. (Hopefully you brought the Sandalwood Box!).


Location Name
Lord British's Castle Saduj (don't let him join!)
Brittain Guenno
Bordermarch Dupre and Sentri
Buccaneer's Den Geoffrey
Empath Abbey Julia and Toshi
Lycaeum Mariah
New Magencia Katrina
Serpent's Hold Maxwell
Yew Jana
Ararat Captain John


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