Ultima 6 - The false Prophet

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You have nothing but your ankh and the moonstone when you arrive in Britiannia. So where do you get equipment?

1) Your room

You room is to the south of Lord British's, which is in the west wing. You'll find some armor, a sword, provisions, and a spell book and other things. TAKE IT ALL. Lord British told you could have anything in the castle...take him up on that.

2) Nystul's Room

If you question the jester, he'll tell you he has a clue for you, and that you should search the chest in Nystul's room. Nystul's room is to the south of yours. Search the chest and you'll find a wand and some other things. Take them.

3) The Potion Factory

South of Nystul's room you'll find a room with a ladder, slightly east of that you'll see a bunch of potions. Get the potions. They do the following:

* Yellow -- Yellow will cure damage, similar to a great heal spell, but it won't cure poison.

* Red -- This potion is similar to the dispel magicspell and cures poison.

* Purple -- This potion creates a red aura, similar to a protect spell...what

exactly a protect spell does. I know if you're poisoned and you drink the potion you'll stop losing health points but after that...who knows.

* Blue -- I can't figure what this one does but it isn't etrimental.

* Green -- Poison, don't drink this unless you are fully prepared with a dispel magic or a red potion.

* White -- This is functionally equivalent to the X-ray spell, allowing you to see through walls for a hort time...but you can't move while you do this.

* Black -- This is the same as the invisibility spell, rendering you undetectable to foes.

* Orange -- Upon imbibing this, your character will fall into a deep sleep. Don't use this one while foes are near!

4) The Sewers

If you go down the ladder in Nystul's room, you find the sewers.If you look around the sewers, to the northwest, you'll find another ladder going down into a dungeon. Down there you'll find all sorts of nasties to fight and lots of treasure too. This is a great place to find equipment and gold and experience.

Don't overlook this simple way to make money: When you kill trolls and headlesses, make sure you take any of the following items: Swords, leather armor, plate mail, bows, and spears. You can sell them to the armorer in Britiannia (spears are worth 10 g.p. each).

5) Other

Once, you've explored the above, you'll be ready to tackle the outside world. Good luck in your travels and remember to always ask a person's name and job!


So, you've noticed that your spellbook is far from complete. Just look at all those neat spells in the manual that aren't in your book. How do you get them? Easy, you buy them! Where?

1) Cove

Cove is the east of the Shrine of Compassion (which is east of Britiannia). In the northeastern corner of Cove, you'll find a mage who will sell SPELLS, REAGENTS, and BOOKS if you ask him about them.

2) Xaio

Xaio lives on the Isle of the Avatar, just follow the east path from the Library. She will sell SPELLS and REAGENTS if you ask her about them. Also, behind the magically locked door in her bedroom, you'll find the entrance to the catacombs.

3) Nicodemus

Nicodemus lives east of Yew. Follow the path east until you find a skiff. Take the skiff south until the lake branches off into two sections. Follow the eastern branch and you'll see a building. Exit the skiff and walk around to the front door. It's magically locked. If you haven't bought a magic unlock spell you'll have to do as follows: stand by the window and hit space bar (Pass) until you see him come out of his room (only two times the whole day). As soon as you see him, TALK to him. He'll sell you SPELLS (including magic unlock), REAGENTS, and STAFVES if you ask him.

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Ultima 6
Ultima 6 - The false Prophet
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