Magical Weapons and Armor: Komplettlösung Ultima 6

Note: The stafves are worth the price if you can cast the Enchant spell, otherwise hold off on it. You can store up to ten spells in the staff at a time, and invoke the spells at any time by USING the staff. I have two stafves, one with ten GREAT HEAL's (that way, I don't have to use valuable spell points during combat and dungeoneering) and another staff with EXPLOSION (a nice offensive spell). And anyone can USE the staff once you've charged it. So you could conceivably have four or five people using stafves that invoked EXPLOSION or KILL spells.

4) Skara Brae

In case you haven't noticed, the previous mages sell only defensive and utility spells -- no offensive spells. You can only poison so many people before it gets old. Well, no need. Go to Skara Brae, find the docks to the northwest. Take the skiff north to the larger island where you'll see a bunch of bats. Kill the bats and go inside the house.

TALK to the mage. Despite his riddles, he'll sell you SPELLS, REAGENTS and BOOKS if you ask him. Incidentally, he is the ONLY source of offensive spells that I have found...except one.

Note: Except for Xaio, Skara Brae is the only source of mandrake in Britiannia. He also has black pearls.

5) Wisps

Every now and then, especially around nicodemus, you'll see the wisps. TALK to them. Ask them about their SECRET. They'll give you a very potent spell...which I haven't found a use for...yet. It's the only offensive spell you can get without going to Skara Brae.

Magical Weapons and Armor

These monsters are tougher than they were in the last game...or is it just your imagination compounded with paranoia, leading into delusions of grander? Anyway, you'll want heavier firepower and better armor eventually. Where can you get it?

1) Britiannia

The armorer in Britiannia has no magical armor of any kind. He's great for unloading used equipment, though at half the price.

The fletcher can sell you a magic bow which does 20 points of damage (for a whooping 300 gold!). Now give those magic bows to two or three members of your party, put them on berserk mode, and watch them decimate the enemy.

That's it for Britiannia. Nothing else worth mentioning as far as armor and weapons go.

2) Trinsic

Brandon, the armorer, is the only person I know who SELLS magic armor and magic helms. You can FIND it in other places but you can only BUY it from him. It'll cost you though. Make sure you bring lots of cash because he doesn't accept any major credit cards.

Brandon is also one of the only armorers who will BUY two handed make a note for later reference.

3) Yew

The armorer in Yew is the only place I know to BUY swamp boots, a form of foot armor that will prevent you from being poisoned when you walk across swamp terrain. They by no means confer immunity to poison from creatures though.

The Yewish armorer will also BUY throwing axes from you should you need to unload some.

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