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NOTE: Also in Yew, you'll find the druidess Janna's house, if you search her chest of drawers, you'll find a STORM CLOAK. Take it! Don't worry, she's a friend of yours and it's not stealing.

You have to take off your armor to wear it but it's worth it when you need it. When being worn it acts like a NEGATE MAGIC spell, preventing any magical spells from being cast...this includes many spell-like abilities of monsters! This will all but cripple a daemon, a winged-gargoyle, dragons, etc. Without their spells...they're sitting ducks (if you have good armor). And one curiosity to bring to your attention, NEGATE MAGIC (and the cloak) in no way inhibit the USE of wands, rings, or stafves...think about it!

4) Serpent's Cove

This is the only armorer who sells magic shields. I rarely use them, preferring to fight with the larger two-handed weapons. However, should you need one, this is the place to come.

5) Monsters

If all else fails, there's always the old saying: To the victor, goes the spoils. Go kick some butt and search all the bodies afterwards! You'll find everything from leather helms to halberds. Trolls and headlesses usually carry spears and throwing axes, cyclops carry two-handed hammers, winged gargoyles can carry just about anything but usually carry two handed swords or bows. They also carry money and rations which you can never have too much of.

6) Dungeons

Search everything and everywhere in can find everything from spell reagents to magical armor. You'll have to find the dungeons on your own though...well, okay, I'll tell you a few.

There's a dragon's lair (loots of booty) to the northwest of Trinsic, in the mountains.

There's a cave in the mountains to the west of to the sailor with the hook for a hand.

In the Dry Land, the big desert to the east of Britiannia, there are ant holes which lead down and down and down...all the way to a treasure room where you'll find a bunch of dead bodies.

That's all I'll tell you now. Can't take all the fun out of finding the dungeons. Just look around mountains and see if you can find caves.


Those gargoyles aren't getting any easier to kill for the four of you, so what do you do when you need more than the four of you can give? Why, you ask people to join you.

1) Yew

The druidess Janna will gladly join your party and give you a hand. You'll have to give her some REAL equipment but she's a pretty good fighter overall. Give her a magic bow and put her on berserk mode, then she'll really make a difference.

2) Buccaneer's Den

Located off Britiannia Bay, Buccaneer's Cove holds two perspective adventurers. If you're really desperate ask both Leonna and the other girl otherwise only ask one of them. They both have moderate equipment but you'll still want to get them something better eventually. Don't worry when you ask them to LEAVE, they'll give you all your equipment back.

3) Minoc

Julia, the redhead, can be found in Minoc. She'll gladly join your party. She's a pretty good fighter. Still, you'll have to give her some half-decent weapons. She's also important to your quest, so keep her alive.

4) Segallion

Segallion is a stranger to this world. If you talk to him, he'll tell you his story. I believe he can be found in New Magincia, in a tavern there. He carries his own weapons and armor and has a strength of 28, so he's a good choice as an adventuring companion.

5) Sherry

Sherry is the mouse wandering around Lord British's castle, she is unique in that she talks. But first, you need to give her some cheese. She has basically only one function in the game. Don't ask her to join until you find out what that is.

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