Tomb of Tihocan - Items: 26 - Secrets: 2 - Kills:: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Swim past the first opening and continue until you surface in the room with the bridge. Jump onto the bridge like before then walk to the pillar and climb up. Jump to the ledge with the rails then go up some stairs into the pipe room. Avoid the holes in the floor to get to the switch and use it to flood the entire level. Go back to the room with the bridge and jump in the water. Swim forward and to your right until you find a small tunnel. Swim into it and follow until you see light from above. Surface and find the switch to open a door below you.

Exit the water and kill some more rats Get the medkits and shells in this room and save your game. Dive in and swim to the new door and get the Silver Key. Go through the gate that just opened and swim into the next room and exit the water. Go to the right door and use the other

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Rusty Key and enter the room. Take a swim going down to a small room with a medkit and a Gold Key. Swim back to the main chamber with the bridge and exit quickly. From the edge, shoot the crocodile that just arrived. Get back in the water and face the 2 doors. Dive down and to your right to find another small tunnel leading to SECRET #2 - magnum clips. Back at the surface look for a white door and a picture of two Rams and climb out there. Go up the stairs. The Ram pictures are actually blocks so push the left block in to find SECRET #3. Enter the hidden room and get beneath the ledge. Jump back to the ramp then forward to the ledge. Get the medkit and the magnum clips and exit.

Use the silver keys to unlock the next two doors and enter the room. Turn right and climb the ledge across from the save gem then jump across to the gem and save your game. Face the high ledge and jump to it then jump to the lock in the wall on your right. Kill the gorilla around the corner and use the gold key to open the door below. Do a safety drop to the door and kill the 2 lions with the shotgun.

Enter and cross the large room ignoring the switch which releases 3 more lions into the room. Pull the block behind the switch 2 times then pull it out from the wall 4 times. Move to the opposite side and push it once then climb up and jump to the ledge above. Take the medkit and the magnum clips. Drop to the floor and go behind the switch and drop into the well. Lara will scream all the way to the EXIT!

Tomb of Tihocan - Items: 26 - Secrets: 2 - Kills:

SPLASH! Swim down the passage until you reach tunnels going up and down. Go down and through the tunnel until you reach the switch. This lowers the water so you can now go to the other tunnel and exit the water. Use the switch here to open the door down the hall. Go through the door and shoot the croc then climb the stairs. Go up and over to the furthest step then jump across to the ledge next to you. Climb the ledge to your left then run to the corner to avoid the darts shooting at you.

Do a running leap to the ledge in the opposite corner then climb into the alcove and use the switch to flood the room. Take a swim and go to the new tunnel which used to be covered by the now-floating white block and get the medkit. Swim up and climb onto the white block then run into the tunnel and take another swim. Go down and forward and use the switch to

activate a strong current. Go up for air and swim forward - the current will sweep you away allowing you to travel further than you ever could by just swimming. Exit the water when you reach the end then climb out, shoot the rat then pull the block out of the wall toward the water.

Get on the block and jump up to the ledge then turn around and jump to the wide ledge then jump into the darkness to your right. Climb up to your right then turn right and climb some more. From the top of the pillar jump to the ledge and save your game. Mr. Sniper will be shooting at you again so fire at him until he flees then walk to the swinging axe and jump behind it. Get the shells then jump back to end up back ontop of the pillar. Face the door and jump up to it

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Tomb Raider 1

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