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Enter the tunnel and have a short gunfight with the sniper guy again. Go down the hall and jump/run through the veg-o-matic until you get to a pit with a big croc at the bottom. Kill him from the safety of your perch then drop down when its safe. Go down the stairs and get the shells and the magnum clips. Using your 3D Look-around find the 3 concealed floor panels and step on each of them to open the door to SECRET #1. Enter and turn to face the door. Jump left and hold the button to make multiple leaps to shells and a medkit.

Exit back to the stairs and jump back out to the pillar. Jump back to the ledge with the swing axe and do a jump to the door behind the blade. Run down the stairs and either roll or jump backwards off the end to hang on the edge. Shimmy to the right and climb up into a tunnel where you can use the switch to flood the room. Dive in and swim to the step along the wall. Kill the giant rat then dive in the water behind him. Swim to

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the next room and exit the water shooting the cougar. Enter the tunnel and use the switch to open the gate then save your game.

Kill the 2 gorillas lurking above. If you can't see them then jump and fire at the peak of your jump. Jump and pull yourself up after they are both dead. Jump to the crevice on your left and grab on and shimmy to the right and climb up to the gate. Enter and get the Gold Key and the medkit then go back to the dead cougar. Enter the tunnel and use the Gold Key. This causes several blocks to float to the surface. Do a series of jumps to cross these blocks and get the medkit before entering the door.

Enter the room on the left with the writing on the floor and pull the block out of the wall and place it on the writing. Kill the gorilla that appears from behind the block then get the shells and magnum clip he was guarding. Go back and pull the block until its on the writing next to the door. Shoot the gorilla that comes out of a newly opened door then go get the shotgun shells. Go back and climb ontop of the block and jump to the door above. Run through the veg-o-matic and get the medkit and Rusty Key then return to the main room. Push the block away from the ledge then circle around and pull it onto the writing. Rats attack so climb/jump onto the block and shoot them from safety. Enter the new room and get the medkit then go back and push the block onto the final writing tile. Go to the door and IGNORE the medkit - its a trap. Run straight through and climb and get the Rusty Key. Get the medkit on your way back out.

Go back to the main room with the door with locks on each side and use your Rusty Keys. Enter and save your game then jump to the right of the ramp. Do a series of jumps up to a secret passage then jump across a series of collapsible panels to SECRET #2. Here is the jump combo that worked for me: Turn so Lara's right side is facing the first tile then jump RIGHT - FORWARD - RIGHT - RIGHT - RIGHT - BACK - RIGHT ending up in the secret room. Get the uzi and magnum clips then return to the ramp.

Slide down and into the water and swim through the tunnel exiting onto a ledge where you can shoot a croc. Enter the tunnel and climb all the ledges to reach the top then slide down to the ledge in the sand. Slide down the ramp on your right and jump to the ledge then climb up to the switch and open the underwater gate.

Take a dive and swim into the next room and exit before a large temple. Swim under the temple and find the hidden tunnel in the rear. You will surface inside where you can save your game and use the switch to open the main door. Swim back outside and exit to the left of the temple on the sand. LOOK OUT!

A statue comes to life and starts throwing fireballs at you. Jump around and dodge his attacks while pumping lead into him until he dies. Save your game then enter the temple. Its finally time to take care of your sniper friend (his name is Pierre) so ready your magnums and take care of business! When he hits the floor remove the magnums, Gold Key and the Scion piece from him. Climb to the ledge above and get he medkit and the magnum clips. Use the Gold Key to open the door below and you are free to EXIT this level. You can wander back outside and take on the other statue if you are feeling daring today!

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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