Obelisk of Khamoon - Items: 33 - Secrets: 3 - Kill: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Go to the back of the room and look up at the ledge just to the right of the bridge. Its very hard to see in the dark but it is there. Climb up to it then turn and jump to the left onto the bridge. Cross over to the middle ledge and go to the left and shoot the panthers below. Jump to the alcove in the corner to get SECRET #3 - shotgun shells.

Jump back on the bridge and make your way back down to the floor. Get the medkit in the other lighted tunnel then climb back up to the bridge and enter the lighted passage next to it. At the end of the tunnel is a cat-mummy so keep those magnums ready. Enter the next room and jump to the tunnel on your right and follow to the next room. Climb the pillar and take the Sapphire Key from the top. Proceed up the hill and enter the door then do 3 jumps across some ledges and get the magnum clips.

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Jump to the ledge on your left then climb up to the switch and use it. Make your way back to the entrance and do a safety drop to a long slope below. You'll slide down for quite a distance then you can walk up the slope on the right to a room with a lock where you can use the Sapphire Key to open the final door and EXIT this level.

Obelisk of Khamoon - Items: 33 - Secrets: 3 - Kill

This level begins with a door followed by an uphill climb on the right and then a tunnel on the left you can climb into. The tunnel leads to a room with 4 pillars - each with a block. Go to the pillar next to the Gold Door on the right and pull the block 3 times then push it beneath the door. Enter the newly revealed tunnel and take care of the panther before getting the medkit at the end of this passage.

Return to the pillars and go to the left one and push the block to the left to permit access to the alcove and water beyond. Swim through the tunnels making sure to get out and kill the croc. Along the bottom you will find a medkit and magnum clips and a Sapphire Key is stashed in one of the corners. Return to the pillar room and go to the door in the corner to the right of elevated door in the wall.

Use the Sapphire Key to open the next door then climb up and enter the Gold Door and save your game. Proceed up the stairs and shoot the panther-mummy then use the switch in the left corner to access a bridge. Go around to your left and across the bridge to get the Eye of Horus. After your magical vision is over drop off the bridge and get some shells then dive in the water and get the magnum clips. Surface and enter the tunnel opposite the Gold Door.

Slide down the slope and kill the 2 panthers waiting for you then go up the stairs and use the top step to jump to the ledge. Reverse and jump to the corner ledge then reverse and do a jump/grab to the ledge above the first. Go to the edge and jump across to the next ledge then reverse

and jump back to the longer ledge. Go to the corner and climb then do a reverse and climb some more then jump across to the square ledge. Jump again to the ledge in the corner with the Save Game Gem and USE IT! Turn left and jump to the highest ledge in the room then go up the stairs and shoot the panther-mummy.

Continue down the stairs and use the switch by the pillars to access a new bridge. Drop down to the left of the switch to get a medkit and two magnum clips then return to the top of the stairs and do a safety drop into the pit on the left. Surf to the bottom of a very tall room then run to the alcove on the right to kill another panther then flip the switch.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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