Sanctuary of Scion - Items: 28 - Secrets: 1 - Kill: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Proceed to either door opposite the alcove and get the magnum clips on your way there. Back at the main room go up the new stairs jumping to some shotgun shells on the ledge to your left. Jump back to the stairs and go up a few more until you can drop to a ledge with a Save Gem. Once you save turn and enter the door then jump over to the ledge and follow it across a bridge to the Ankh which displays another watery vision.

Back at the ledge, go past the door and get the medkit at the steps then use the switch before going down. At the bottom enter the new chamber to your left and proceed up the stairs. At the top turn and jump to the crevice on your right and shimmy to the ledge on your right and drop. Go around and do a safety drop to another ledge and enter the hyroglyhics chamber and use the switch. Go back outside and continue up the stairs which were previously buried under sand.

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Kill the panther-mummy at the top then use the switch to activate a third bridge and finally get the medkit on the ledge. Turn and use the other switch to open a door then run through the door and down the steps. Walk through some pillars to the ledge then do a flying leap to the column with a medkit and some Uzi Clips - SECRET #1. Find the silver gong below and do another leap to reach it and SECRET #2 - Uzi Clips and medkit.

Drop to the ledge on your right and enter the door with a green ledge. Climb the stairs and cling to the wall and shimmy right until you can pull yourself up. Turn and jump to the ledge on your right and enter the tunnel and get SECRET #3 - magnum clips and medkit. Drop down to the next ledge and continue into the chamber with 2 mummies waiting below.

Climb down to the ledge below then do a safety drop to the next ledge but don't fall - instead shimmy to your right before dropping to the next ledge. Turn and fall back off the ledge and grab on then shimmy to the right and drop again. Kill those mummies then save your game. Follow the passage on your left and use the switch to access the last bridge in this level.

Return to the mummy room and jump over to the ledge then drop to the ground and go between the 2 chairs. Climb the ledge and keep on climbing unti you reach the green ledge. Enter the door and cross the bridge to get the Scarab. Hop to the bridge on your left and get the Seal of Anibus to open an underwater door. Drop into the water and swim for the tunnel. Its a long one so fill your lungs before entering.

Go to the bottom and then forward to the second set of alcoves and get the magnum clips on the left. Proceed the next set of alcoves and take a medkit and shotgun shells on your right. Continue down until you can surface. Recharge that air meter and then get the medkit, magnum clips and shotgun shells from the bottom. Exit the pool and kill the mummy then get the magnum clips from the ledge behind the Save Gem which you can also use.

Climb the stairs in the left corner and follow the passage. Kill the mummy from the safety of the large mound then get the medkit on the left side of the mound. Jump to and climb the steps on the right side of the mound. At the top you can drop into the Sphinx room from the last level. Go to the palm trees and find the pillar that you can use your 4 new artifacts on. A door opens to the left of the Sphinx and you can EXIT!

Sanctuary of Scion - Items: 28 - Secrets: 1 - Kill

Start this level by getting some ammo for your magnums (which you should be using full time now). Dash up the stairs and waste the 2 mummies up top and load up on magnum ammo. Jump to the room above then go forward and right and slide down the slope and kill the mummy at the bottom. Hop up on the slanted block next to the lit pillar then climb to your left and jump backwards onto the pillar above.

With the wall on your left leap to the next pillar then advance until you can reach the crevice in the wall. Grab it and shimmy to the right and drop down. Go up the steps to the right and jump across several pillars ending on a ledge with some more magnum clips. Do 3 jumps forward from this ledge to end at some stairs. Go down the stairs and flip the switch to open a door below.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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