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The flapping you should be hearing is a demon. Shoot him as soon as he is in range and do not let up until one of you is dead. If he reaches the platform he could knock you off. Get next to the edge by the switch and leap forward to a tiny ledge. Get some shells then jump to the left grabbing and pulling yourself up to some more shells. Jump to the next ledge then jump off and do a safety drop to the ledge below. Turn and jump to the sandy ledge then drop off backwards and slide down grabbing on to the end of the slide and dropping safely down. Get the magnum clips from between the Sphinx paws then find the 2 slanted spires in the corner.

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Climb on the right block then jump to the left then jump to the ledge and one more jump to the pillar and pull yourself up. Now turn left and jump to the next pillar and another jump to a curving ledge above. Save your game then run past the veg-o-matic to your right and get the medkit. Follow the path to the next switch and use it to open a door and summon another demon. Kill him quickly then return to the switch and jump to the ledge on the right and get the medkit. Turn and jump and grab the ledge pulling yourself back up to the switch then return to the curved ledge with the pillar below.

Do a safety drop to the pillar then face the corner and jump over the pillar to a slope where you can slide back to the Sphinx. Enter the passage to the left of the Sphinx and get some ammo for the magnum then enter the passage to the left. When you get to the ramp turn and jump back to begin the slide. Grab the end of the ramp as you fall then shimmy to the ledge on the left and get the magnum clips. Climb all the stairs on the right then go down the slope and dive for the Gold Key. Exit the water next to the stairs in the corner and return to the top of the stairs.

This time jump instead of sliding down the slope and grab the bridge. Use the Gold Key in the right lock to open the door. Enter this new room and start blasting the Centaur. Get the Ankh and the medkit and save the

game before jumping off the bridge. Climb down all those stairs and dive into the water climbing out at the stairs in the corner and return to the Sphinx. Climb on that tilted ledge in front of the Sphinx then climb up to the next one and jump backwards to a third ledge. Climb up to the magnum clips then jump to and follow the sandy ledge.

When you reach a wall turn left and jump to the next ledge and continue forward jumping to another ledge at the end. Climb the ledge to your left and jump to a rock ledge and continue all the way until you reach the Save Gem. Enter the tunnel and push the block on your right so you can get around it. Get on the block and climb to the ledge above it and kill the Centaur. Get his Ankh and the medkit and return to the ledge above the Sphinx. Slide down the long ramp to your right and get the

medkit. Drop onto the Sphinx and kill the panther-mummy then climb onto the tilted ledge and jump to the small space at the rear of the Sphinx's head.

Go forward and climb to the top of the Sphinx and use the Ankh. Drop down to the front and use the other Ankh and save your game. Climb back to the top and walk along the left side of the head until you can't go any further. Look down to a magical clip floating in the air. Jump over to it and land on an invisible ledge. You just got the ONLY SECRET in this level but since its the long awaited UZI that's okay! Get the ammo to go with your new toy then jump across to the ledge on the cliff.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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