Natla's Mines - Items: 26 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 3: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Two demons appear so ready your new toy and let the lead fly. When they are dead you can return to the ground and enter the door between the Sphinx's legs. Take a swim going deep and to the left for some shells then go between the statues and get the Uzi Ammo. Surface and recharge that air meter then dive down to the right statue and enter the passage between its feet. Use the switch and let the current take you to the surface. Climb onto the low pillar and jump to the other one then jump to the steps on the right. Go up the stairs and slide down into a dark cave.

There is a demon and a Save Gem so save your game quickly then take care of the demon. Facing the head on the left do a safety drop to the ledge below then turn and jump to the ledge by the head. Walk to the right facing the head and drop down. Facing left, jump back and slide down the ramp. Dive in the water and climb to the right statue and use the switch on his chest to open a door. Dive back in and this time swim into the tunnel between the feet of the left statue.

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When you surface, run up the long slope and get the magnum clips on your way and get the Scarab at the top. Now go into the room where you began this level and fight 2 panther-mummies and a Centaur. Use the Scarab in the lock after the bloodbath is over and enter through the gate taking the medkit and magnum clips. (who leaves all this ammo lying around?)

Go down the slope and climb up through the hole into the Scion room. Larson is back and just begging for you to kill him. Help him out with a few rounds of gunfire then go up the stairs to the Scion. EXIT this level and prepare to enter the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Natla's Mines - Items: 26 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 3

Lara begins this level underwater and stripped of all weapons. Swim for the waterfall and surface behind it. Go down the tunnel and use the switch on the left to open a door. Go back to the falls and dive in and swim to the other side. Climb out and enter the tunnel to the right of the crate. Find the block and pull it out of the mound then enter the passage it was blocking. Use the switch to open a second door then return to the water and the boat.

Swim back to the falls and go down that passage again. Climb to the sloped passage and follow it until you can jump to a ledge with a barricade it. Follow the tunnel to a room with a large glass structure. Get the medkit then enter the next room with the two condemned houses. Find and pull the block out twice towards some tires then hop ontop and jump to the roof of the house. You'll fall through and end up inside where you can go down a tunnel and use a switch to make the boat return to the dock.

Go to the end of the tunnel and slide down grabbing the right ledge and dropping to the ground. Follow the tracks to the wood door which opens for you. Now comes the TRICKY PART! Do this exactly!

- Walk towards the first barricade until the boulder begins to roll.

- Jump the first barricade then do a series of running jumps to get over the other 3.

- As you jump the 3rd barricade turn to the right in mid-air to land on a hill and enter the passage before the boulder flattens you.

If you were successful then Indiana Jones would be proud, otherwise you will need to return to the first barricade and try again.

Inside the tunnel get the fuse then go left and save your game. Head up until another boulder starts rollings then run back and to the left. Go

up the hill on the left as another boulder rolls by. Drop into the hole at the top to reenter the room with 2 boulders. Climb the hill to get back to those two houses and make your way back to the water with the boat. Swim over and climb into the boat then leap over to the crates. Climb up the left crate and find the tunnel behind it. Inside are lots of NATLA boxes and one of them is a 'movable block'. Pull it once then push it left. Now pull the box behind it out twice and pull it right to gain access to a passage with another switch. Use it to activate the giant drill machine.

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Tomb Raider 1

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