City of Vilcabama - Items: 11 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Do not drop into the hall below - it is lined with dart traps. Find the ledge where you can safely jump across to the other side. Shoot the last wolf on this level and pick up the medkit. Continue on and around the corner to find a switch. Move it to open the EXIT. To avoid the darts just slide down the sloped wall next to the EXIT.

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City of Vilcabama - Items: 11 - Secrets: 3 - Kills

Run into the first room and kill the 4 wolves lurking in here. Jump around to avoid their attacks and keep firing. There are multiple exits from this room. Take whichever one you want as they all end up at the same place eventually. Kill all the wolves and bats you encounter. Some bats are lurking in the ceiling so look UP often. One wolf guards a medkit hidden in the bushes. Eventually you will end up in a large room with a pool in the middle.

There is a wooden trough along one wall. If you go near this wall a large bear comes charging out. Dodge his attacks and kill him quickly then enter the room he came out of. Vault onto the ledge above the stable and get the medkit. Now return to the pool room and go for a swim.

Dive in and go to the T intersection and turn right. Make a U-turn to the left when you reach the pillars and throw the wood lever to open a secret door in another area. If you still have enough air (about half) then swim to the opposite side of the pillar room into the brightly lit area. Throw the other wooden switch to open a hatch above you. Surface and breath. Exit the water and get SECRET #1 - a medkit.

Throw the switch to open door and return to the main room. Dive into the pool again and this time swim to the T and turn left. Follow the passage to a left turn and follow until you surface into a room with serpent fountains. Exit the pool and go through the secret door you opened early (remember that lever) and get SECRET #2 - a medkit and magnum clips. Return to the main pool room and surface.

Find the door with the switch (looks like zebra stripes) and open the door. Climb the wooden stairs and make the tricky jump at the top. You will be looking across at an alcove made of skulls. Below you is a ledge of collapsible panels. Drop down and run and jump over to this alcove. This is tricky and if you don't do it the first time you don't get another chance. It's only a medkit so don't worry if you don't make it. Drop into the room below (if you didn't land there by accident) and find the blue stone with the two indentations.

Using the action key and the UP arrow Lara can push this block into the wall. It takes several pushes to move it all the way. If you missed the large jump and really want that medkit in the skull alcove you can use the action key and down arrow to pull the block into the room and use it to climb into the alcove.

Once you are in the next room kill the bat and get the Silver Key and the Gold Idol. Using the block you pushed in, climb up and onto the wooden ledge. Kill the 2 bats in the rafters and save your game. Run around the corner and kill 2 more bats. Drop into the passage and turn left. You should now be back in the main pool room. Turn left again to find the locked door. The action key will unlock the door.

Darts line the walls of this room and you will take at least one hit UNLESS you do a dive. Just run and jump and hit action while in midair and you will hit the ground rolling - no damage!

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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