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Return to the docks and go to tunnel to the right of the crates that the drill machine HAD been blocking. Find and push a block forward until you can enter the next room. Get on the block and then climb up through a hole to find another switch that opens another door. Grab some ammo for your Uzi (in case you get it back) then drop back down. Go forward and into the next room and get another fuse then return to the docks and make your way back to those two houses. Go inside the left one and follow the tunnel inside to the fork where you can go left and use the switch to start the conveyor belt. Go back to the fork and find the 3rd fuse then return to the room with the glass structure and enter it from the right.

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Get some magnum ammo and save your game then use the 3 fuses in the slots to gain access to a new house. Enter the house and get the pistols before climbing to the roof and jumping into the tunnel. Just inside is a hole which you can jump to and climb up. A gate will open leading to a deadly trap. The obvious trap door below will plunge you into hot lava if you stand on it so instead - slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge as you fall. Climb back up and the door will shut and stay shut from now on. Cross and get SECRET #1 - shells and Uzi clips then use the switch to open the gate and return to the first tunnel.

Go to the end of the tunnel and do a safety drop to the Save Gem then swim to the docks. Exit the water and enter the tunnel with the drill machine. Go around the NATLA box and into the next tunnel where you find your magnums. Too bad some guy is using them to blast you. Kill him as quickly as possible and try not to fall in the lava tubes. If he runs then chase him. Once he is dead take your hard earned magnums back and heal yourself.

Leap towards the switch on the far wall. You just miss the ledge but you can grab the ledge below taking a good amount of damage. Slide down the hill and grab the bottom edge. Let go and grab again to grip the crevice just below and shimmy to the ledge on your right. Enter the lava room on the right and jump to the ledge on the left. Now begin a series of tricky (and deadly) jumps from pillar to pillar until you can jump into the tunnel on the right wall.

Go forward and push the block quickly to avoid the boulder rumbling towards you. Once that's over you can pull the block back and get on it to access SECRET #2 - Uzi clips and a medkit. Run down the tunnel in the corner and drop to some more tracks. Take the medkit and the Uzi clips and grab the Shotgun (if you really think you'll need it). Go back to the previous room and drop down the hole behind the boulder then leap to the pillar in the lava tunnel. Turn right and do a series of jumps across three pillars then drop and enter the tunnel below. Slide to the bottom of the slope then jump to the ledge. Climb up and enter the room with the TNT. Fine the one that's not like the others. Pull it into the next room - out once - right once - then 3 pulls into the next room. Now jump (or climb) over it and push it 3 times until you can get on it and jump into the tunnel with the Save Gem.

Go to the top and climb to the ledge then do a leap to the ledge on the right. Wait for the tunnel to spit out another boulder then leap into it and follow it to the switch. Get the magnum clips and use the switch to create a cave-in in the TNT room. Now return to the room with the TNT box. Go to the new hole on the left and enter the passage. This next room has your Uzi's but once again - they are being used for EVIL. Some punk-ass kid on a skateboard is taking cheap shots at you. He's fast but he doesn't attack often so waste him with your magnums and take back your Uzi's. You should now have ALL your weapons back! Scattered about this room are 3 Uzi clips so retrieve them then start checking out the holes

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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