Atlantis - Items: 43 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 26: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

One of the holes has water instead of lava. Dive in and swim through the gate to get SECRET #3 - variety of medkits and Uzi clips. Make your way back to the skateboard park then go all the way up the hill to save your game. Follow the tunnel into the next room and start up the slope. Of course 3 boulders make this harder than it needed to be. Each boulder has its own section of the slope so stay in the middle. When the first one comes at ya jump left. When #2 starts rolling jump right then back to the middle when #3 starts to roll. Stop at the top and wait for a forth boulder to spit out the door.

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Enter the passage and go up the slope and climb up to the next room. Get on the low pillar and jump to the higher one then jump to the ledge. Do another jump to the left then another jump to the left then climb into the room on the right. Push the block twice and enter the next room then push the block twice and drop down into the lower room. Pull the block then go back up and drop down on the other side of the block. Push it forward to reveal a Save Gem and a switch. Use it to open a yet unseen door. Turn left at the switch and enter the alcove straight ahead. Go left and climb then move forward to the block and enter the passage at the left. Push the block at the bottom of the stairs once then turn left and make a mad dash for the door which closes before you get there!

Use the switch next to the door then head back upstairs, past the gold door and drop through the hole. Run through the doors and ready your favorite weapon for another shootout. He's packing a shotgun so keep your distance. I recommend magnums at 30 paces and dance like crazy! When he's just a red spot on the floor relieve him of his shotgun and then proceed to climb to the ledge above the door into the pyramid.

Jump from ledge to ledge all the way up this sucker. At the top jump to the left wall and slide down the pyramid and find the tunnel. Enter and use the switch to open the door then exit and slide to the bottom. Go back to the maze and enter the Gold Door to get a medkit and the keys to the Pyramid. Now go to the Pyramid and use the Pyarmid key to enter the pyramid and EXIT this level.

Atlantis - Items: 43 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 26

Wait for the lights to come on then advance into this room. A monster explodes from a sphere so kill it with your magnums then go to the right and kill the monster in the second sphere. Follow the trench and kill a third creature that blasts from a sphere and get the Uzi ammo. Enter the door to the left of the center door and enter a room with a webbed floor.

Get the medkit from the corner then cross the center bridge to the left. Get the shotgun shells and prepare to kill a demon that was just released. Kill him from up here if possible. If you drop a dog explodes from a sphere and just adds to the confusion. Use the switch in the far right corner of the webbed room then turn around and run to another switch in the opposite wall and use it. Run back to the other side and go through the door and down the stairs and trip another switch to open that center door back at the entrance room.

Return to the center door killing any leftover creatures running around. Enter and kill the flying monster while staying in the safety of the tunnel. Exit to the ledge and reverse and drop off and down to the block below grabbing onto it. Climb up and get SECRET #1 - clips for the Uzi and magnum and a medkit. Go through the tunnel and climb up the ledge and drop down the hole. Turn and go down the passage to a webbed ledge then turn and jump and grab the crevice at its lowest part. Shimmy and drop to the tunnel below grabbing the entrance and climb up into it. Flip the switch in this tunnel and get the Uzi ammo then jump to the webbed ledge.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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