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Leap from the end of this ledge to the next and grab on as a sphere blows up below you. Climb up and use the Save Gem in this tunnel. Leap to the pillar then leap to the darker ledge to the left on the pyramid. Jump to the next ledge avoiding the rumbling boulder coming at you. Jump to the next ledge on your right...just missed it! After your slide is over you can now climb the next set of ledges all the way to the top right corner using a series of standing jumps.

Enter the tunnel and get SECRET #2 - clips for Uzi and Magnum and medkit. Exit and slide down to the red door and turn right and jump to the ledge and grab and climb up. Jump to the second ledge and get the medkit then jump to the next ledge and pull yourself up and into the tunnel. Load up on Uzi clips and use the switch then go back to the water and dive in.

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Find and use the switch underwater to open the red door then exit the water by climbing onto the small ledge on the left side of the slope then climb to the pillar and jump back to the pyramid. Retrace your path back to the red door and get inside before it shuts. Jump to the ledge and go up some stairs jumping into the door. Climb up the passage saving your game and jumping some spikes on the way. Dive in the water and go down into the underwater chamber and get some shells then use the switch and swim through the door and back up to the surface. Get the Uzi clips after you dash through the veg-o-matic then go right and leap to the next ledge.

Ignore those clips for now as a demon is ready to pounce. Dart inside the tunnel and kill him from a safer place then get the Uzi clips after he is dead. Turn back and dive into the water at the other end of the tunnel. Swim between the two spheres and climb to the ledge and use the switch in the right corner to open a door. Now go left and use the switch around the corner to open another door and use the Save Gem.

As you near the sphere in the right corner a monster explodes from it so kill it then go use the switch in the remaining corner to open the last underwater door. Dive in and go through the long corridor with the 3 open doors. Exit into a dark tunnel and go up the ramp on your left. Turn right at the red passage and flip the switch to open the door and get the Uzi ammo.

Find the block across from the boulder and pull it out then push it against the left wall. Return to the red door and switch and use the switch again and enter the door. Your strategically placed block stop the boulder and you can now enter the tunnel it was blocking. Kill the demon as you walk onto the ledge then jump to the right ledge and ignore the Save Gem. The tunnel leads to a room with with 2 demons in spheres. Release only one at a time and back into the tunnel to kill them from safety. Go back and use the Save Gem you passed a few minutes/demons ago.

Now slide down the slope and jump as you near the bottom. Try to land on a red ledge as anything else will dump you into some spikes. Get the shells and the medkit and all that Uzi ammo then enter the next room through the tunnel. Go right and go to the ledge to wake up another demon then run back to the tunnel to kill it. Now go back and jump to the left ledge and then jump to the small ledge after that. Get into the tunnel on the right quickly to attack another demon. You can now go back out and jump to the glowing yellow slop in the center of this room.

Leap to the rock ledge then get the Uzi clips and use the switch up on the slope. Turn and go until the ledge tilts. Jump over it and pull on the block to open a tunnel. Run past the veg-o-matic and kill the 2 demons on the other side. Jump over to the dead demons and head up the tunnel and

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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