The Great Pyramid - Items: 30 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

climb some stairs to get Uzi clips and a medkit. Go to the ledge on the right and kill the monster flying around in here then go left and jump to the ledge on the left. Enter the tunnel and save your game.

Leap to the ledge in the corner and enter another tunnel and use the switch before going back to the lava room. Jump over to the first ledge then jump to the pillar on the left. Do another jump to the next left pillar and then a flying leap into the door. Climb up and use the switch at the end of the passage. Return to the ledge and do a series of jumps to cross the pillars and reach the tunnel. Proceed up the passage and go into the corner of the room to activate a secret door. Run up the hill on the left with Uzi's blazing and kill the 3 attacking creatures.

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Enter the alcove on the right for SECRET #3 - shells, medkit and Uzi clips. Go back to the main passage and turn right to go into the red tunnel. After the door shuts climb to the passage above and go to the end and jump to the ledge on the right. Grab the Uzi ammo and enter the passage. Kill the alien that suddenly appears then get more Uzi ammo and continue on to the ramp that leads up to the veg-o-matic.

Run up the ramp and stop just before it. A boulder begins to roll towards you so jump left then continue when all is safe. Use the Save Gem at the top then push the block on your left 2 times and go down the tunnel on the right to find 2 switches. Use the right switch and jump back quickly to avoid the trap door. Do a safety drop through the trap door then move forward to start another boulder rolling then jump back and over the hole.

Move forward again and go up the tunnel and climb the ledge on the left to reach the switch. Use it then, then make your way back to the 2 switches and go through the now open door. Kill the alien in the passage and use the switch in the corner to open a door. Get some Uzi ammo in two of the corners.

Enter the door and save your game then slide into the next room. Kill the 2 monsters at the bottom but DO NOT attack the next creature that appears. IT IS YOU! Anything you do - it does.

Climb the ledge to the right and jump to the stone pillar then leap to the ledge by the door and use the switch to open the trap door. Turn and jump to the sandy ledge then climb and jump to the sandy pillar and finally leap to the sandy ledge. Go to the middle of the ledge quickly and your double will fall into the pit. If the door shuts you were too slow and you have to try again.

Go back to the rocky ledge with the pit and get some Uzi ammo then go up. Kill the Centaur and load up on more Uzi ammo and kill another alien. Go right at the end of the tunnel to find a switch that opens a door. Run along the left ledge and use the next switch. You are on a TIME LIMIT so ignore the clips and run back to the entrance and across the bridge.

Grab the Uzi clips lying here then approach the alien device and USE it to EXIT this level and start a cool movie.

The Great Pyramid - Items: 30 - Secrets: 3 - Kills

This is it! The FINAL LEVEL! And it starts with the hardest enemy in this game - one big ALIEN! After a couple hundred rounds of Uzi fire or 20-30 well placed shotgun blasts he will die. There are several strategies for killing this guy - I'll let you find yours. Just DON'T FALL IN THE PIT or you may as well load that last save game.

Find and pick-up all 6 Uzi clips from the corners of the room below then enter and slide down the red tunnel. Push the block 3 times then go up the ramp and push the next block once then climb to the tunnel above. Save the game then dash through the veg-o-matic and don't fall through the fake floor. Go right at the intersection until you reach a block which you push forward. Return to the intersection and turn right going past the door and drop into a room with a block. Pull the block then climb up to the tunnel and go left and back down and push the block forward then go back to the red door.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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