Lost Valley - Items: 16 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 12: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

You are now in a large area with a temple at the far end and 5 wolves with bad attitudes scattered about. Kill them as they charge doing all that fancy jumping to avoid their fangs. Enter the temple through the left door. Follow the passage into a pool room with ledges on the walls. Climb the stairs and being the jumping process to go from ledge to ledge. Climb the stairs and kill the bat then make a long jump across the top of this tower. Climb some more stairs and kill another bat. Find and use the wall switch to open the temple's right door. Get the medkit then go to the window.

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Looking down at the ledge find the shotgun shells. Execute the safety drop onto the roof and get the shells then drop to the red roof and get the medkit. Drop once more to the ground and enter the right door. This is another room with water and ledges and collapsing floor tiles. Go to the left and stair-step up the ledges along this wall. At the top kill the bat, climb the stairs and use the switch to open the middle door of the temple. Go outside and use the save game gem then execute a series of safety drops to the ground. Enter the middle door.

A long tunnel with a series of swinging blades is your next challenge. Just use simple timing to get past these guys. You will reach a gate with a bear behind it. Use the switch. The floor drops out from under you and you go for another swim. Swim forward and up and into the small tunnel on the right. The tunnel leads to stairs which leads to a switch that opens the gate you were at moments ago and the exit gate. Go to one of the windows and dive into the pool below (or do a safety drop). You have to kill the bear and you can't shoot from the water. The bear will follow you and attack as you try to exit the pool. I found it easier to drop to the ground and blast him. You can also run around the pool keeping the bear at a safe distance.

Once the bear is dead go to the locked door. To the left of this door is an open door. Enter the door and go up the stairs to the switch room. There is a passage opposite the switch which leads to a room with Uzi clips. Return to the pool room with the dead bear and use the Gold Idol to unlock the EXIT.

Lost Valley - Items: 16 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 12

Follow the tunnel till you reach the river. You can either jump in or go to your right and do some cliff diving. Find a safe place to exit the lake and kill the 2 wolves on patrol. Climb over the rocks opposite the waterfall and enter the cave. Kill the wolf that attacks then continue further and turn right. Jump into the slanted chamber and kill the 3 wolves waiting here. Don't go any further as it is just a dead end. Return to the room you were just in and find the ledge you can pull yourself up onto. Continue climbing until you find the skeleton and a medkit. Continue forward and slide down into the valley.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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