St. Francis' Folly - Items: 18 - Secrets: 4 - Kill: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

St. Francis' Folly - Items: 18 - Secrets: 4 - Kill

Start this level by going right and climbing the wall. Go to the end and kill the 2 lions lurking about. Go to the block with the horseshoe symbol behind it and pull the block ontop of the symbol to unlock the door above you. Push the block forward a couple of times to open a door at ground level then push the block again so you can climb on it later.

Go through the door and kill the 2 gorillas and pull the switch across from the door. Go to the stairs on the right and kill another gorilla. Continue up the stairs and throw the switch to open another door. Go outside and shoot the other explorer waiting for you in the pillars. Dodge a lot and run in circles to shoot him from behind - like the T-Rex and Larson. He will run away after eating enough lead. Let him go! You can kill him anyway - believe me - I tried!

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Back in the main room - climb onto the block you pushed earlier then jump across to another column. Start bunny-hopping these columns to get a medkit. Turn left and jump some more to reach the door. Now comes the tricky part...

Stand on the far left of the doorway ontop of the arrows. Jump left then jump right and up grabbing the ledge. Standing on the ledge, face the smaller of the two sloped ledges and backup. Jump onto the lower slope then backward then forward and grab the ledge above you. Very tricky but it takes you to SECRET #1 - shotgun shells and a medkit. Climb back down to avoid damage taken by falling through broken floor.

Back in the main room hop back to the column where you got the medkit. Do a long jump to the ledge to the left then turn left and begin a series of jumps to reach the door (the one you unlocked from the floor).

Go down the hall making sure you are sliding forward! Just before you reach the end of the sloped passage jump into the air. You'll land on a small ledge below. Jump across to the door and grab it. If you miss you cannot try without resetting the level. Get SECRET #2 - shells and medkit then turn around and check out that big croc in the water. You can kill him if you want but it takes a long time. You can just as easily avoid him.

Jump in and swim forward and up into the first opening to get SECRET #3 - more shotgun shells. Take another swim and go to the next opening where you can pull the switch and drain the water from this passage. Drop into the passage and kill the croc (if you didn't already). He's easier to shoot now but he's also a lot faster so dodge him quickly!

Go to the end of the tunnel and save your game. Jump to the ledge in the middle of the room and shoot the 3 bats flying around. Drop down to a ledge on your right then once more to the floor below. Pull the lever to open the THOR DOOR. Jump to your right and land on the gray square to open a secret door. This door is timed so you have to be FAST!

Turn right and go the the edge. Roll as you land and keep running. Roll at the edge and drop down shooting the 2 bats as they appear. Drop down once more, taking some minor damage, and enter the secret door. SECRET #4 consists of medkit and magnum clips. Exit the room and find the save game gem. Save it for now - instead use the switch to open the ATLAS DOOR.

Climb the stairs then jump and grab the ledge. Jump to the ledge and get the magnum clips either before or after killing the bat. Jump back to the first ledge and move across about half way. Jump and grab the middle ledge then go around the left corner and use the switch to open the NEPTUNE DOOR.

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