Colosseum - Items: 14 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 25: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Colosseum - Items: 14 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 25

Start this level by taking a swim. Once the crocodile has seen you climb to the bank and shoot the croc. Swim past the croc and exit the water. Shoot the 2 lions guarding the area. Enter the temple and start up the stairs. Jump back and kill a third lion that surprises you (unless you read this first).

Exit the temple and proceed down the left side. Climb up the rocky ledge and jump over to the temple. Follow the ledge to the right to get a medkit. Return the way you came and climb onto the block. Jump up onto the next ledge and follow it around the temple. You will have to jump along the way. At the end of the ledge jump diagnally to a hidden door.

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Before going in walk forward and slide down the slope. Jump when you reach the bottom to land on a small ledge then look to the left of the water for a hidden passage. Do a running jump into the passage and get SECRET #1 - shotgun shells. Make your way back to the door and go in.

At the edge of the pit kill the 2 crocs and get the medkit in the corner. Use the ramp to climb out of the pit then face the wall, jump and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right until you can climb up then go forward to SECRET #2 - more shotgun shells. Go back to the crevice and do a safety drop and shimmy right until you can drop to the ledge. Walk up the ramp and start down the tunnel until you can drop down a hole and enter the temple.

Enter the Colosseum to your right and shoot the Lion, Cougar and Gorilla from your safe vantage point. During your target practice that guy from the last level starts shooting again. Fire at him until he runs away. Jump into the pit on the left and save your game. Climb out of the pit and use the door at the back corner. Slide down the ramp and shoot the 2 lions waiting for you. Go to the far wall and use the switch to open the Colosseum gate. Turn around and pull the switch to open the door next to it. Head down this corridor and into a pit.

Four cougars patrol the top of this pit. You can kill them by jumping and shooting them at the top of your jumps. It's dirty but it works. Climb out of the pit when you've killed 1 or 2 of them. That way they can't gang up on you. Head to the rocks and slide down the ramp. Go to the back of the room and turn right and stand on the gray floor panel.

Turn back and head to the right gate to get the medkit. Run back and when the gate closes stand on the floor panel again to open the left gate which you can then enter and use the switch. Then run around the corner and enter the right gate then through the second gate which is on a timer (so hurry)!

Pull the switch in here to open the white door in the chamber. Go back outside and enter the white door. Go down the slope and save your game at the spikes. Go through the door and climb all the ledges to the top of the Colosseum. Turn left and head up the slope then climb the ledge and go right to find some shells.

Go back down the rocks to the ledge and stand as far from the pit as possible facing the rocky slide to the left of the Colosseum door. Do a long jump to the slope and climb up the rocks. When you reach level ground turn left and jump to the ledge. Go forward then turn right to kill the 2 gorillas in the bedroom.

Go into the next room with the stairs and the block. Pull the block until you can enter the tunnel behind it. Its dark in here but there is a medkit and a switch - you know what to do with both. Return to the rock slide and slide down backwards.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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