Palace Midas - Items: 21 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 42: Komplettlösung Tomb Raider 1

Go to your right around the rocks then turn left and proceed to the ledge at the corner of the Colosseum. Climb the ledge and go up some stairs and turn right. Enter the door and shoot the 2 bats and head for the light. The gate shuts behind you. Roll into the pit as a boulder crashes into the gate. WHEW! Climb out of the pit and jump to the other side. Follow the passage to the next switch and use it to open the door around the corner. Go through this door and exit the dark room to your left.

Proceed across the Colosseum floor shooting the cougar that awaits. You will soon come across that guy again so pump him full of lead until he runs away again. Keep advancing and go up the stairs and enter the door. Go forward into the lit room. The exit to this room is on a short timer and only opens when you walk past a certain pillar.

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Position yourself to the right of the left pillar and get against the wall. The door should be on your right. Run forward and jump onto the block trying to land on the right side. Immediately side-jump to the right then do a backflip then side-jump left and one more jump forward and through the door (Takes as long to perfect as it did to figure out).

SECRET #3 has 2 medkits, Uzi clips and the long awaited Magnums - hope it was worth the effort! Back at the ledge turn left and jump across to the switch which opens a door. Proceed to the bottom and exit out to the Colosseum and enter the next door.

Climb up to the door you just opened and take a swim into the next room. There you can push the block forward into the next room. Enter and save your game. Get the medkit and use the switch to open the door at the bottom of those stairs earlier in the game (above the rock slide). Pull the block until you can get behind it and get the Rusty Key. Swim back through the tunnel and drop into the dark room and use the right door along the Colosseum wall. Watch out for that guy - he may or may not be back to take a few cheap shots at you.

Drop to the Colosseum floor and head back to the block ledge in the far corner. Kill the lurking gorilla along the way. Go to the edge of the pit and drop off backwards and hang. Shimmy until your shadow is between spike then drop. Enter the door with the rocks and climb to the top so

you can do that long jump to the rock slide all over again. Go back to the bedchamber (where you killed the 2 gorillas) and use the Rusty Key to open the gate.

Enter the gate and go swimming and enter the first hole which leads to a room with a switch. After pulling the switch go swimming again and keep swimming down the tunnel until the level is over.

Palace Midas - Items: 21 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 42

You're already swimming when you start this level so climb out of the pool and head for the tunnel between the pillars. Kill the 2 gorillas then run ahead and through the left door. Three more gorillas await your gunfire in this room. Pick up the medkit and enter the door and save your game. Use the switch to open a an unseen gate then run back down the tunnel and shoot 2 more gorilla near the left door. Return back to the pool where you started and shoot the crocodile to your left.

Go down the corridor and turn right and keep off the stairs. Continue until you reach an intersection then go right to a small gap between the wall and the cliff. Kill the gorilla around the corner then get the magnum clips from inside this small space.

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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 1

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