Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

Testing/Training Mission

After the introductory conversation between Stranger and Doc. Holiday, and the Colonel, pick up the Compass on the chair. Exit the room, and RUN over the plank suspended between the floor levels. Pick up the Pistol, turn and kill the zombie using as little ammo as possible. Return over the plank. Follow the instructions from the Colonel and when you reach the door with the lever, before 'using' the lever, restore your Health (using the '[' and ']' keys to select the

Doctor's Bag, and then the ENTER key to 'use' the Health). Select the Weapon of your choice, then put it away. Move as close to the lever as possible, then SAVE YOUR GAME (F2 key). Push the lever, and immediately RUN backwards, drawing your weapon of choice and firing at the two zombies. When you've killed both zombies, your training mission is complete. In HARD PUZZLE MODE, at the end of the Training Session, Holiday gives Stranger a hard time about smoking. She'll take the cigarettes.

Mission Briefing

Go through the door, following Stranger. Go around the hallway, through the double doors. Move to the sofa. Listen to the Colonel. After a few words from the Colonel, Stranger enters the room and sits down beside Doc. Holiday. The Colonel continues briefing you on your mission in Burkittsville, Maryland with the mutilations of children. Exit the room, turn right and enter through the door. Pick up your weapons. When the conversations stops, pick up your luggage on the counter and enter Burkittsville - Day 1.

Burkittsville - Day 1

Talk with InnKeeper and get your room key. Search your room, turn on the radio. Nothing much to do in the room. No phone either. Leave and go to the motel office to talk with Innkeeper again. You can ring the bell and get a nickel from the soda machine.

The Townhall (where the Sheriff's office is located) is closed now. Go to Diner to get something to eat and hear the latest gossip. Talk with Gretchen and the other townspeople. Gretchen will give you advice on who to talk with in town. After leaving the diner walk down the street and go into the Register Newpaper building. Talk with Horace Gusten. He gives you the morning edition and is very helpful. You will need to talk with Junior(Sheriff) in the morning! Leave the Newspaper

office and read the current issue of the Register, Burkettvilles only paper. Return to motel and talk with Innkeeper. He tells you that if you want to go out to Rustin Parr's place you will need the map from the general store. He warns you to stay away from Tappy Creek and the Blair Witch.

Return to your room and try to sleep. Your bathroom door will slam shut and wake you up. Check it out! Use your Sensor Tracking Device and head into town! It will lead you to the Town Hall (Sheriff's Office) Enter and look around the front office. Read the note on the door and take the axe from the wall next to the door. Save your game before entering the The Town Hall -Sheriff's Office.

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Blair Witch Volume 1

Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr
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