Burkittsville - Day 3: Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

front door of the School. Might as well enter the Schoolhouse and speak to the Teacher for some more information! After speaking with the Suzanne Ascot, the School Teacher, exit the school and move towards your Motel. Behind the Motel is the Brody House, where the only surviving child resides. Go to the right of the Motel Office and follow the thin alleyway up to the Brody house. Speak to Mrs. Brody. She refuses to allow you to speak or see her son. When your conversation is over, Holiday will state that she is ready to head for the woods. Return to your Motel room, grab your gear and head the Hotel Office. You can send a telegram to Spookehouse about your progress or lack thereof! Now head for the side gate of the Schoolhouse. Once in the woods, it's a good idea to SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.

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Below is a map of the Woods area. Good luck! You need to find the following locations in the following order:

1) Rustin Parr's house (see map below)

2) Canes + Sticks

3) Coffin Rock

Once you've found Coffin Rock, Holiday will be ready to return to the Town. As you're attempting to get back to town, and finding yourself going around and around in circles, Holiday sees a WHITE OWL, Ne-Ahs-Jah. Follow the WHITE OWL. Run along with the Owl, as it flies overhead. The Owl takes you to Ascaya Gigagei, the Wise Indian. After talking with the Wise Indian, you learn that you will return to him after you have learned more about the Woods and surrounding area. He gives you a magic necklace, that allows you to see things in the Woods that you would NOT ordinarily be able to see. Exit his hut and head back down the same path that brought you to his hut. Draw your Weapon of choice, and SAVE YOUR GAME.

Use your Map, or the map above, to find your way as best you can, back to the main path that leads to Town. You will be confronted by wild dog-like werewolves. Kill them all. Some of the creatures you see, you cannot destroy, so just run past those. Several Stick Figures pop out at you. You CAN kill those. When you do, be sure to pick up the glowing red 'head' of the Stick Figures and watch what happens. Eventually, after much running around and following paths and ALMOST to town, you will be confronted by a Giant Scorpion. Use DYNAMITE sticks to kill the Giant Scorpion, or almost ALL your bullets from either gun/weapon! When you've killed the Giant Spider, the trees at the base of the screen will 'open up', revealing the path you need to take to return to Town.

Go down the path, RUN if you want to hurry and get out of there! As you're reaching the outskirts of Town, you will notice one of the Stick figures up in the tree on the right. It wasn't there before! Must be new, or you couldn't see it without the amulet device from the Indian. Go on into town and begin Day 3.

Burkittsville - Day 3

You wake up in your Motel Room, and notice that you need more weapons/ammo before going back into the Forest. As you approach your Motel door, the Deputy knocks and you let him in. He hands over the Police Report on the child killings. He also gives you a Stick Figure from Parr's cell. Go through the Police Report before leaving your Motel room. Go speak to the InnKeeper if you haven't already done so about sending a telegram to Spookhouse.

In HARD PUZZLE MODE, The Deputy will visit you in your Motel Room, and give you the Police Report, but not the stick figure from Parr's Cell. Parr said Nev-ur-givn in his cell. You know two of the symbols from the sheet of paper, but not the

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Blair Witch Volume 1

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