Forest - Day 3: Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

Forest - Day 3

Enter the Forest, SAVE YOUR GAME. Don't bother visiting Asgaya yet, as he's not home. Run and shoot your way through MadDogs, Zombies and Stick Figures. Be sure that after killing a Stick Figure, you touch the glowing Red Heart on the ground when the Stick Figure 'falls apart.' This prevents the Stick Figure from 'regenerating' and frees the soul/spirit of the Entity. Your objective thus far in the Forest is to go all over the Forest, and uncover unseen locations from your previous visit in Day 2. When you have done that, go and visit Asgaya. He will explain things to you. When you've visited Asgaya, exit his hut.

Leave Asgaya's hut and make your way to the thin pathway that leads to the backside of Parr's House. Standing and facing the thin pathway (see map above and the 'x' marking the spot), put away your flashlight and/or any weapons you might be carrying. Scroll through your Inventory ('[' or ']') and select PARRS TWANA. Watch the cutscene and then begin your new 'direction' by walking forward towards Parr's House. You'll discover the house BEFORE it was burned to the ground. You've just entered a new Portal. Get the page from Parr's Diary on the floor by the stairs leading down to the basement in Parr's House. Get the 2nd page to the Diary from the FirePlace on the main floor. Turn around from the Fireplace and

get the bullets on the floor of the Bookshelf. Exit this room through the opening on your left and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Enter the room on the right, get the First Aid Kit and the 40 bullets from the box on the floor. Go through and into the adjoining room. Exit to the hallway, turn left and enter the Bathroom at the end of the hallway. Get the 3rd page of the Diary on the floor in the Bathroom. Look out the window and watch the ghostly children running and playing outside. Eerie, huh?

Now go up to the 3rd Floor. Walk to the end, turn left and get the 4th page of the Diary. Walk towards the drawings on the wall and Holiday will get a REAL TWANA. Go down to the Basement. Watch and then pick up the sketch left by Kyle. Use the 'ESC' key to exit the close up of the Sketch. Turn your Sensor Proximity device ON and exit the basement. Leave the house and SAVE YOUR GAME.

Use the 'Sketch' in your Inventory and find the old map you used before. Also use your COMPASS to find your way to Coffin Rock. Move towards the water and you'll find and pick up the lost Teddy Bear that belongs to Mary Brown (the girl in the Schoolyard). Return now to the Portal (thin pathway leading to the rearside of Parr's House) and use the REAL TWANA. Be sure that you've turned off your flashlight and put away any weapon you may have drawn! In HARD PUZZLE MODE you need to pick up the Twana from the thin pathway (portal). Holiday will say something about making another one for real time. When the page of symbols appears on your screen, enter the 3 symbols that spell Tel-os-mah.

Tel = 4th row, 2nd from the right,

os = 3rd row, last on the right,

mah = 2nd row, 1st on the left.

Holiday will say something about the stick figures being covered with DUST. Return to PARR'S house, 2nd floor and use the Tel-os-mah in the bowl at the end of the counter. Now return to the thin pathway (PORTAL) and use the Tel-os-mah. After returning to the REAL WORLD, leave this area and make your way towards Asgaya's hut. Before you reach this area, you will be confronted by a huge Stick Figure. There's no way out. As the Stick Figure approaches you and moves away from the main area where it 'rests', kick the Stones around the central area where the Giant Stick Figure sits. This causes the Stick Figure to fall apart. After you've destroyed the Stick Figure, Jonathan Prye talks to you. He's the Witch Hunter from 100

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