Burkittsville - Day 4: Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

years past. He tells you he left a Journal at Coffin Rock. Before going to Coffin Rock to get the Journal, return to Asgaya. Follow the WHITE OWL to Asgaya. Asgaya tells you that the little boy is possessed by a Demon. In addition, he tells you that there are 'bigger things' at work. Asgaya tells you to find out the Big Kahuna Demon's name. Get the ammo from the two suitcases and the First Aid Kit from the table (it looks like a green herb) before you leave.

Fight or run or both past the MadDogs and Specteres on your way to Coffin Rock. A small child ghost will follow you for a while. When you make it to Coffin Rock, you'll see a cutscene for finding the Journal. Look at it carefully in your

Inventory. Return to Asgaya (getting pretty use to the Woods by now, huh?) Now continue your journey to Asgayas. Be sure to use your Compass, and weapons to make it to Asgaya's. When you've listened to Asgaya explain about the Othegwenhda and Hec-aitomix and the sacrifice. The Teddy Bear, you realize, belongs to Mary Brown, thus making her the next victim of the boy possessed. To find the Bleeding Boy, you can take him to Coffin Rock and use him as a distraction for the Demon. Leading the Demon to Coffin Rock will allow you the opportunity to 'trick' the Demon into another 1000 year path. In HARD PUZZLE MODE you cannot leave Asgaya's until you have figured out the correct symbols for Bleeding Boy. Use BOTH sketches/drawings of Bleeding boy, combining the symbols you see. When you have correctly matched the symbols (listed below for you)

Row 1, 1st symbol on the left

Row 4, 2nd symbol from the left

Row 4, 3rd symbol from the left

Leave Asgaya's, load up on your favorite weapon, and COMPASS and RUN to town, shooting and killing everything you can that stands between you and the TOWN you haven't seen in what appears to be ages! lol When you reach the outskirts of Town, SAVE YOUR GAME!

Burkittsville - Day 4

Visit the Schoolhouse and speak to the Schoolmarm. Learn about the Newspaper building being burnt down and Horace Gersten's disappearance. The Schoolmamrm tells you that she had seen Mary Brown playing in the schoolyard earlier in the day with Kyle, but that they had gone. Mary was probably at the Church praying with Pastor Ascot. As soon as you exit the Schoolyard, an automatic sequence occurs, and Holiday ends up standing in front of the Church. Enter the Church and walk up to the Altar. A short conversation will transpire between the Pastor, Mary and Doc Holiday. You find out that Kyle is in the back room. RUN off the Altar and through the back door. RUN after KYLE, and RUN FAST. Catch up to him in the

Street. Do NOT allow him to make it to the Sheriff's Office or you'll be arrested for attempted kidnapping! When you catch up to him in the Street, you 'free' him from the Devil's hold. Kyle tells you some interesting news about the Pastor, the Newspaper Editor, etc. After learning this news, you see the Pastor exit the rear of the Church with Mary in tow. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE, Quickly!

Turn and run BACK to the Main Street. Turn and run PAST the TownHall and turn right; between the Schoolyard and the TownHall. Meet up with the Pastor and Mary. He'll drop the Shovel he's carrying (what's he planning with that little item?). Pick up the Shovel and use your DRAW key. Chase after the Pastor and Mary as they head for the Schoolyard fence

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Wir sind selbst daran schuld, dass gute Spiele aussterben

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