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that leads to the Woods. Draw the shovel as you're running after him. Hit the Pastor over the head with the Shovel BEFORE he reaches the Schoolyard gate. Mary will speak with you after you've knocked out the Pastor. She gives you 3 great clues and then tells you some bad news! You're NEXT to be killed. The demon knows your name! OH NO! Soon the Sheriff and Mrs. Ascot come and demand to know what has happened. The Pastor will wake up and a group of Demon Specteres are let loose. RUN into the Forest. As soon as you make your way further into the Woods, you suddently realize you're surrounded by decapitated heads! Yes, that's right. Decapitated heads. In HARD PUZZLE mode, you need to try and RUN out

of the circle of decapitaed heads several times. You will be thrown back into the middle of the circle of heads. A campfire or blue fireball will appear in the center of the circle. When that appears, walk up to the circle in the center and USE Strangers cigarettes on that campfire or blue fireball. As you try to escape, you're hit by lightning (what else could happen?), and the heads disappear. In HARD PUZZLE mode you need to walk back towards town. When you do, a passageway will open and Robin Weaver will appear through the newly opened passageway. An Old Woman appears. Could this be Robin Weaver? Let's find out! Follow the Old Woman to her House in the Forest. After following Robin Weaver to her

house, enter the house through the front door. Walk over to her and talk to her several times before she responds. She tells you to get the page off the wall. Turn and walk towards the Front Door. Look at the wall on the right side standing inside the house. Get that page....then get the Twana she gives you with the page. In HARD PUZZLE mode, you will not get the Othosetzeh Twana. You will make that later at Asgayas. Leave her house.

Return to Town. As you enter the Schoolyard, you're met up by the Sheriff, the Pastor, Mary and Mrs. Ascot. Stranger appears and saves your Hide! lol You and Stranger will automatically head back into the Forest, while you recount the

things you've done and seen from the past few days! When Stranger 'disappears', make your way to Asgaya's shooting and killing as many monsters as you can! You can also RUN your tail off if you want, but you'll be faced with the same monsters when you return! Talk quickly to Asgaya and then leave and head for the Thin Pathway leading to Parr's House. In HARD PUZZLE mode, you cannot leave Asgaya's until you have made the LAST TWANA. Use your Inventory and key in the following symbols:

4th Row, 4th from the Left - Oth

4th Row, 3rd from the Left - os

1st Row, 2nd from the Left - etzeh

Use your COMPASS and MAP often to find your way as quickly as possible. Standing outside the Thin pathway, looking at it, use the Weaver Twana. Then watch. Use your Bleeding Boy Twana and the trap has been set.

How SAVE YOUR GAME! Turn and head for Coffin Rock. Again, you'll be shooting monsters, MadDogs, etc. on your way. As soon as you reach the 'outskirts' of Coffin Rock, SAVE YOUR GAME again. Now move to the boys body in the center of Coffin Rock. As soon as Stranger appears, shoots the Demon, take the boy and RUN like you've Never run before. Run to the Thin Pathway leading to Parr's house. If the Dark Cloud (Demon) reaches you before you can figure out which way to turn and go, you're dead. Game Over. Keep trying over and over and over and over again, until you succeed in reaching that spot where

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Blair Witch Volume 1

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