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Date Unkown: Listen to the opening scene. Lazarus meets Robin Weaver. Pick up your saber and follow her. You'll automatically be taken to the Grandma's, Bess Weaver's, farm outside Burkittsville, Maryland. Watch as the ghosts run from the Woods next to your bedside. When you are standing as a ghost figure next to your real self laying in bed, leave the room. Make your way to the room with Robin sleeping on the floor. Get the Cross from the table. Use the Cross to get rid of the children ghosts that attack you while you're in the house. Move around the house and then go back to where Robin is sleeping. The Fireplace will light up and you'll hear the evil ghost speak from the fireplace. Robin will leave for the

lady in the Woods and you'll wake up from your dream. Meet Bess Weaver, the Grandma. She'll ask you to get Robin back from the Woods. Pick up the guns and ammo on the dresser next to the bed. Move into the Kitchen and talk with Bess. Use your 'action' key to initiate conversation with her 3 seperate times. Exit the Front Door and turn right towards the cows. Use the guns on the cans on the Fence Posts. Move around the silo and get the 2 piles of bullets. Shoot all 3 cans off the posts and watch the cutscene.

The Game

[Dream-Memory] Supply Unit

Follow the soldier and kill him in the barn. Get the picture from his body. Turn and kill the 2nd soldier that enters the barn. Exit the barn and move towards the front of the house. Kill another solider and you'll wake up from a dream. DREAM-MEMORY ENDS.

Bess comes outside and meets you as you remembered your previous mission. You'll want to leave immediately and go to find Robin. Bess tells you that you'll want to meet a young man, Peter Durant. She advises you NOT to go with the search party, as she feels they are all leading themselves to their deaths. Peter Durant is the man you'll want to see. Walk with Bess (she walks slowly!) to the house and get your 'viddles to go!' Then run down the path leading away from the

house. As you run down the path, kill 3 wild dogs (snally gasters) and get the Health Twana from the small shed. You'll meet up with Peter Durant in the crowd of men. You'll also meet Pastor Vance. Learn about the legend of a Witch in the Woods. You'll pass out again.

[Dream-Memory]: Get the bullets off the table and speak with your Chief. He gives you orders to leave and rid a Supply Unit of Rebels. He tells you to head for the Forest, and move in at Tappy Creek. Exit and go FORWARD out the front door to meet up with the 3 soldiers that have been assigned to accompany you to the Supply Unit. DREAM-MEMORY ENDS

Wake up and speak with Durant. Finish your conversation and follow Durant around to the other side of the house. Question

him 3 times about Mrs. Kedward, The Blair Witch, Indians, Snally Gaster, Ghosts and goblins in the Woods. Also listen to him tell you about visions of Ghostly Soldiers from the Civil War haunting the Woods. Durant advises you to go down the Main Road and towards the Railroad tracks. He also suggests you follow the Creek. Durant gives you an old Native Handicraft to ward off evil spirits.

Exit the building and head out the main path to begin your search for Robin.

Move Forward to the tracks. Turn right at the tracks and go into the 'outhouse' looking building. Get the Brakelantern. Turn and exit the small building.

[Dream-Memory] You are once again a Confederate Soldier with your 3 soldiers that are to assist you. Lazarus tells of his

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Blair Witch Volume 2

Blair Witch Volume 2

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