Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 2

assigment to command a small band of soldiers to the Central Maryland Woods. He is hoping that the Rebels are gone already after what he saw at Gettysburg. Shoot all the rebels (about 4-6 of them), then get the Health Twanas and bullets from the big rocks on the side of the dirt road that lead to the Woods, and the shack. There is also a Health Twana on the outside of the larger building. DREAM-MEMORY ENDS.

Listen to and meet the Old Man. He is an Old Blind Man that has a house in the Woods back past the Cemetary. He is from the Black Forest of Bolvaria. Move closer to the old man after the cutscene conversation and use your 'action' key 4 times to initiate questions. He, too, tells of the Legend of the Old Woman who eats kids and an Old Owl.

Turn to leave and the Old Man says that he hears Robin Weaver. You'll hear her too. You'll see the little girl. Head in her direction. Stop on the right by the Brick Walls and get the Health Twana, but be prepared to shoot the Rebel Ghosts that come at you (I believe there are 2; 1 from each direction). Go farther up the path and down towards the left. The screen will get dark and you will be in another Dream-Memory.


Kill some more soldiers with your pistol or saber and go on crossing the path. The Dream-Memory will end, and you will be Lazarus in the same place. Cross the path as Lazarus. (Saved Game Titled: LAZARUS@CREEK) Hear Robin calling you? Or is it

her? 'Robin, where are you?' You will go up the hill and see an old hag. Another DREAM-MEMORY. This time a ghost talks through a rebel prisoner before he dies. The DREAM-MEMORY ends and you go toward the Hag as Lazarus. (Saved Game Titled: HAVE NECKLACE) Pick up the necklace and that will give more power to the Cross because it will glow. Use the Cross on the Hag and when she is stunned with that, use one of your weapons on her to kill her. You will see her Health Indicator going down on the lower left side of the screen. When she is dead, you will be able to leave this area on the path that leads to the left. and along the creek. Robin's Spirit will appear telling you to hurry. As you approach the broken bridge, you will see Robin in the middle, telling you to be careful and not to fall in.

Dream-Memory: The Soldiers are sitting around the fire while the Lieutenant writes in his journal to his fiance. Mosely is getting worried hearing sounds so Newhouse decided to check it out. He crossed the bridge and gets pushed in by a hand that reaches out from the water. Shoot at the hands and finally you and your men will have gotten them all and will be able to cross the bridge. You will become Lazarus again. DREAM-MEMORY ends.

(Saved Game Titled: HANDS IN CREEK) Cross over as Lazarus and go towards the left to meet up with the Search Party. You will ask about Steuben, the Blind Immigrant, but nobody knows him. They leave behind a bunch of stinkiy smudge sticks.

Pick them up and they will be the bundled herbs in your inventory. Walk farther into the forest away from the creek. Be prepared to kill and run from the Stick Monsters. Some you can kill, but others will keep coming back to life. Stay away from the litte green mounds you see on the patch because they will take your health away. (Saved Game Titled: HAVE HERBS) After running around, shooting at the Stick Monsters, there will be another switch and you will be battling rebel ghosts. There are frequent switches from Lazarus to the Union Soldiers. The next scene will be the soldiers around the campfire. It is October 24th, and the Lietutenant is continuiing his diary notes. One of the Soldiers is polishing his bugle. Mosley is attacked by a Confederate ghost and dies leaving only the 2 soldiers.

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Blair Witch Volume 2

Blair Witch Volume 2

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