Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 2

(Saved Game Titled: BUGLE) As Lazarus again, you pick up the bugle and fight off the Stick Creatures and ghosts. A cut scene will show a tree with sacks and a path being sealed off with sharp branches. Get to that tree and shoot the sacks to open up the path again.

Continue up the path and you will get a cutscene and end up next to a tree that has fallen across the river. Shoot and use your other weapons to get past the grabbing hands to the other side. Prepare to fight off more Stick Creatures and Ghosts. Stick Monsters, Wild Dogs, and Ghosts! Oh my! Pick up the Health Twana and notice a tree that has been partially chopped

near the base by the creek. It is NOT the tree stump where you find the Axe. Finish chopping that tree down and run across it to the other side of the creek. It gets spooky here! Go into the graveyard and you will be Stueben once again. (Saved Game Titled: GRAVEYARD)

Cutscene occurs and switch to the Soldiers again. DREAM-MEMORY. It is October 25, 1863. After a few notes in your journal, you will move on and enter the graveyard. You will kill the ghosts of Newhouse and Mosely as the private gets spooked and runs away. Go to the first gravestone to the left of the entrance and click on it when it is highlighted.

Cutscene again. Hurry, there is little time left! You are Lazarus again. DREAM-MEMORY ends. I'm sure he is up to no good! Kill the Wild dogs and pick up the doll, then the shovel to fill the grave. Pick up the skeleton arm on top of the grave. Hurry off to find Robin!

Pick up more ammo and Health Twana's as you run along the path, killing Wild Dogs and Stick Monsters. Avoid the green piles that steal away your Health. Keep heading upwards on your viewer screen. Eventually you will finish this section and end up in a clearing where you find more ammo next to an old tree trunk. Be prepared for more Ghost attacks as you

follow the sound of Robin's voice and arrive at Coffin Rock. You will see the possessed Robin and Steuben preparing for the Ritual. Go towards Robin and watch the cutscene.

You will be switched to the Lieutenant in that open area where you find ammo next to the old tree trunk. Go up the path to Coffin Rock and pick up the Twana on top. Go farther past Coffin Rock on that same trail and kill a few more Wild Beasts and Stick Monsters to get another Health Twana. Go back to Coffin Rock, and down towards the creek where you see a little Waterfall. Walk on the small rocks to get up close and you will see a cave entrance on your right. In the cave you will meet up with Skunk (the Private) again. He goes ballistic and shoots you. You will wake up as Lazarus on top of Coffin Rock. Watch the cutscene. (Saved Game Titled: 4 PILES)

There is nothing you can do to help Robin on Coffin Rock right now. Your next goal is to locate the 4 piles of green glowing rocks and disable them by placing the correct inventory item at each site. Do the ones farthest from the Coffin Rock FIRST. Go down the path from Coffin Rock and you will come to a pile of these stones. If you would like, you can use your bundled herbs here. Continue on the path towards the right and you will see a tree to chop down near the creek. Run across to the other side and use your Broken Lantern on the first green pile of rocks you come to. You will see a cut scene saying it is too late. Don't believe it! Just continue on to the next pile and use your bugle there. Go

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Blair Witch Volume 2

Blair Witch Volume 2

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