Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 2

back across the creek and up to Coffin Rock. This time go past Coffin Rock and you will come to a 4th pile of green glowing rocks. You can use your skeleton arm here. SAVE YOUR GAME because you will have 70 seconds to get back to Coffin Rock and save Robin! Go up to Robin and give her the Doll. Watch the cutscene. Steuben changes into a beasty monster and runs off. Go after him! You'll learn your name is: Robert MacNichol. You need to enter the cave near the Waterfall.

(Saved Game Titled: CAVE END) Enter the cave. Use your Cross to kill the Little Ghost Children with the glowing eyes. Once you kill the Little Ghosts, the portal will open to the rest of the cave (if you need ammo, you will find some

scattered around the cave with a few Twana's for Health, too). Continue in the cave passageways using your Cross to kill the ghosts and your sword to kill the Wild Dogs. Eventually you will come to a house that resembles Rustin Parr. You enter through the basement. Look around the house and listen to the the eerie ghost children's whispers. You will find Monster Stueben on the first floor in the room to the left of the Fireplace. Kill the Monster and you will find yourself waking up at Aunt Bess's house. She says you are healing and will be just fine!

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Blair Witch Volume 2

Blair Witch Volume 2

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