Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 3

Spirit plane and the Demon plane. Asgaya will give you a twana to enter the Spirit plane and a restorative spell. (Saved Game Titled: SEACHFORSPIRITPLANE). Follow map to spirit gate. Use twana on spirit gate rock and lightening bolts will strike all around you. (Saved Game Titled: SPIRITGATE) .

In the spirit world Asgaya will meet you and tells you to be careful transversing this world. If you die here you also die in the real world. Cross over each bridge killing zombies along the way and picking up more health, mana, and ammo. Continue down through the huge rib skeleton and across another bridge to enter a cave. You will save another Indian child

and get another Talisman. Continue going forward through the cave and when you come out the other end you will kill a few more zombies and find a broken bridge. (Saved Game Titled: LEAPOFFAITH) Use the Eagle Twana to fly across. Kill the big flying monster and release Hino. He gives you a shaft that will deliver lightening bolts. He will transport you and the girl back to the mortal plane. (Saved Game Titled: BACKTOMORTALPLANE).

You end up back at the church and talk with the priest and Jonah. He tells you that Elizabeth wants to talk with you. Talk with Elizabeth Styler and ask her how to find the Demon Gate. She will ask you to examine the Great Tree first and then she

will tell you how to get to the Demon Gate. Enter the forest again and follow your map to the Great Tree. Pick up the Bag of Disease from the tree and return to Elizabeth Styler. Shoot the zombies and pick up tons of ammo. When you give the bag of disease to Styler she gives you protection for the Demon Plane and tells you how to enter the Demon Gate. Hirrum tells you where to get the bones. (Saved Game Titled: DISEASEBAGFORES)

Follow your map to the Indian Burial Ground. Go up to the gates and use the Bear Talisman. Kill the zombies and the two stick monsters. I killed the stick monsters with the melee weapon and then quickly put the weapon away and touched their

blue glowing hearts so they wouldn't return. Once the stick monsters are gone the fire will go out and the path will be open. (Saved Game Titled: CONTINDIANBURIALGRND).

Continue on the path. Matt-ann-tote will appear and try to kill you. Kill this monster and get the Indian bones. Be prepared to kill more zombies! (Saved Game Titled: GOTBONES).

Return to town, but on your way stop by to talk with Asgaya. He will give you a spell The Rain Vial which will make thunderstorms. As you enter town the Priest will meet you. (Saved Game Titled: BACKINTOWN) Jonah will tell you that

Styler wants to talk with you. Father Goodfellow will give you a Bible for the exorcism spell. Go to the jail and give the bones to Styler. She makes a Strength Twana for you that will enable you to enter the Demon Plane. She also gives you a Charm to summon the Dark Wolf. (Saved Game Titled: GIVEBONESTOSTYLER)

Talk to Hirrum before you leave the jail and town. Follow the dark wolf to the entrance of Demon Gate. The wolf changes into Tawiscara who will try to kill you. Kill the monster then walk up the mound of rocks and use your Demon Twana to enter the plane. Blood starts to splatter down and then you will be transported to the Demon Plane. (Saved Game Titled: DEMONPLANE)

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Blair Witch Volume 3

Blair Witch Volume 3 - Elly Kedward
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