Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 3

Kill skeletons as you go over the bridge and then some wild dogs. Pick up the Golden Skull (Saved Game Titled: GOLDENSKULL). Continue on the path. Kill the zombie priest and all the skeletons and zombies. Save the child and he will give you a Gumoyodah Talisman which will enhance the users strength. Pick up another Golden Skull. (Saved Game Titled: STRENGTHTALISMAN) Continue on picking up Golden Skulls and killing all the zombies and other monsters that get in your way. To kill the Stick Creatures, you must shoot them first, then USE the yellowish HEARTS that fall to the ground. You should have a total of 5 Golden Skulls and then you will find a place to put them. Put each on a pedestal and a section of bridge

will come up from the water below. (Saved Game Titled: BRIDGEINDEMONPLANE, or 5SKULLS) Carefully cross the bridge and OPEN the Demon Gate. Walk forward to the next door. Use your Strength Twana to open the Door of Skulls.

Be prepared for more shooting! Baal and a few skeletons will 'greet' you. Kill HIM and the skeletons. After you kill Baal, Hecaitomix will show up and it will appear that Prye is dead. Enter Asgaya! Asgaya sacrifices his life to save Prye. Now you must quickly leave before the gate to Demon Plane is sealed. You have 300 seconds, so you will have time to carefully cross the narrow bridges (Saved Game Titled: LEAVINGDEMONPLANE)

When you get out you will see Styler but she has been taken over by Heciotomix. (Saved Game Titled: EXORCISM) Use the Exorcism Bible to kill Heciotomix/Styler combo. Now Elizabeth will be free of Heciotomix's power. She wants Prye to stay, but he says that he must return to his church because his faith has been renewed. Perhaps their paths will cross again.


If you Kill the Elizabeth Skyler Demon instead of exorsizing her, the end cut scene shows the Magistrate, Priest and Prye talking in the graveyard as Elizabeth's body is burning. The Magistrate will ask Prye to stay and be the constable, but Prye will still decline.

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Blair Witch Volume 3

Blair Witch Volume 3 - Elly Kedward
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