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Welcome to the Baldur's Gate II walkthrough, hardy adventurer! Inside this tome of divine knowledge you will find a step-by-step guide that will take you and your party through the world of Baldur's Gate II.

What the walkthrough won't cover, however, are the almost innumerable side quests that are featured within Baldur's Gate II; this guide focuses solely on taking a direct route to finishing the game. Comments, suggestions and questions can be emailed to Jarrod Hampton.

Read on, brave adventurer, your quest awaits...

Chapter 1

You awake to find yourself freed from your cell by Imoen. Talk to her; find out what happened and who she is. She will complain of a bad pain in her head and that she wants to leave this dungeon. Agree with her plan and she will join your party. She will also tell you that there is some equipment in the room she emerged from; check it out in a bit.

Above your cage are another two prisoners, Jaheria and Minsc. Go to Jaheria's cage and talk to her. Be nice, but question her about what happened and who she is. She is another of your friends from the first Baldur's Gate. She needs to be released from her cage, which requires a magic key. She can't be released just yet, but Minsc can; go over to Minsc's cage

and talk to him. He is another friend from Baldur's Gate. He needs to be freed as well, but his cage has no door. When he asks if you can free him say that you can but you don't know how. He will think that you are going to leave him to rot in the cage and he will go berserk. He will bend the bars and then try to kill you... Then he realizes your plan and agrees to join your party.

Now you need to equip yourself and free Jaheria from her cage. Head into the room to the east, the one Imoen came from. There is a Golem here, but it does not have orders to attack you, so you are safe from it. Talk with it if you like, but you will not learn much. Search the room, the table, the painting and the chest. Equip yourself and your party with the

equipment here. Take the key; it is the key to Jaheria's cage. Return to her and free her from her cage. She will also join your party. Equip her and then start moving south into the passage leading away from the cells.

You will come to a room with a large machine in the middle; this machine creates Lightning Mephits that shoot, you guessed it, lightning. On the northeast wall of the small room there are controls to turn it off. You need to turn off the machine to stop the Mephits from appearing and hurting your party. Once the machine has been deactivated, kill the Mephits. Continue through this room into the next passage, which leads to a large cavern.

Enter the cavern and talk with Aataqah when he approaches you. When talking with him, be nice and ask how he can help you. He will ask you a question; answer how you see fit and according to your alignment. Either way you are attacked. Kill the monsters he summons, or him. Eventually, after you have killed the monsters or hurt him severely, he will stop and agree that you are the man he was told about. He will then tell you to seek Rielev and to offer him 'release.' There are two pools at the end of the cavern; look into them if you want for a glimpse into the unknown...

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