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Move your party to the level entrance at area 1. Now select your toughest warrior. Take him to the Golem door and have him drink a potion of speed or cast a haste spell on him. Have him open the door; there are three statues at the end of the room that all contain some very nice items, including the third flail head. However, as soon as the Golems see you they will start to come to life and attack you. Speed is essential; enter the room and charge up to the statues. Pause the game, select the first statue and loot it. Do this with the other two statues. Once you have looted them all, turn tail and run! Move your fighter to the rest of your party. Once he is close, select all of your party and leave the floor. One or two Golems may follow you down. Better to fight one or two than take on six, so attack them and kill them. Rest and heal. With all parts to the flail, head back down to level one and forge them together.

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This is the Cellar, the last level in Nalia's castle. This is where you get to kill the boss Troll and finish the quest. You can also use the dog stew you made earlier.

There are six main areas in the Cellar; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) This is the entrance to this level. There is a chest in this room but it is trapped; disarm it or be prepared to take some damage. Take the Shield Amulet from the chest.

2) There are several Trolls guarding this room. Setting up an ambush in the first room is your best bet. Try and lure them into your ranged attackers and make sure to use Fire or Acid spells on them to make sure they die.

3) There are some Umber Hulks in this room and some more in the hallway (area 4). An ambush is good, but a straight-out melee isn't such a bad idea either; just back yourself up with your ranged attackers and use any ranged spells to help out. Head into the hallway (Area 4).

4) This is the hallway leading to the feeding pit. Look out for the Umber Hulks in here; like before, a straight-out melee isn't such a bad idea. Just remember to back your melee fighters up with some ranged attacks.

5) This is the Umber Hulk's feeding pit; this is where the dog stew becomes very, very useful. If you place the dog stew here the Umber Hulks will swarm to it and leave you alone, making your journey that little bit easier. The easiest way to

place the stew is to have Minsc or a Thief character hide in the shadows and walk to this area. Have them click on the ground panel and use the stew on it. It will transfer there and get the attention of the Umber Hulks. Go back into hiding, as the Umber Hulks will quickly swarm to this area. Make your way to area 6.

6) This is where the boss Troll, Torgal, is residing. He has a couple of Giant Troll bodyguards around him, making him a little tougher to kill. An ambush is an easy and effective way of killing Torgal. It is best to set an ambush up at area 3 and have one character lure Torgal and his bodyguards through the door into your waiting ambush. Try and summon as many

creatures and animals as you can, and when he walks into your ambush, cast as many spells on him as possible. If you focus your attacks, you should come through this very difficult battle with minimal damage and no casualties. Getting in some early hits from your ranged attackers does a world of good, and those extra creatures and animals do make the difference. Once they start to get too close to your ranged attackers, charge in with your melee fighters.

Once they are dead, search and loot the room and then listen to Nalia. Now head back up to the courtyard. This will complete the quest and get you a massive experience bonus. Also, if you happen to be a Fighter class, Nalia will offer you

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