Chapter 3: Game Guide (english)

the chance to take over the castle. Accept, of course, and at that time you'll be given the reward of 10,000 gold pieces. You should have around 15,000 gold pieces, with some more easy cash available after you trade and sell at the shops.

When you have around 15,000 gold pieces, go and visit Gaelan. When you get there he will tell you that the fee is now 15,000 gold pieces and not 20,000 gold pieces. If you have the money, accept his offer -- this will conclude chapter two. Your next stop is the Shadow Thief Guild in the Docks district.

Chapter 3

After you pay Gaelan the money to find out about Imoen and Irenicus, you need to get yourself down to the Docks area. The money has been sent to the Shadow Thief Guild and you need to go collect on their end of the bargain. Well, soon anyway...

If this is your first time to the Docks and Yoshimo is in your party, he will tell you a tale of trouble he ran into with the Shadow Thief leader. He suggests you talk to him to sort things out... This is a sub-quest and doesn't have a direct impact on the game, but is worth playing out.

Make your way to the guild and explore the small area just in from the entrance. There is another area like this one to the north, but the real guild is through a secret door on the right.

Ansicht vergrössern!

There are five main areas in the Docks district; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) This is the alternate entrance to the Shadow Thief guild. Aran, the man you must talk with, is hidden in the underground area of the guild. This door leads directly to the underground part. But for your first trip, go through the main entrance. (See Underground Map for more details)

2) After you have spoken with Aran, he will give you three quests to complete before he will give you what you paid for. The first quest is to meet a guild member at the docks. The meeting is at night, so you will have to wait till then. (See Underground Map for more details)

3) The guild member will take you down here and a cut scene will be played showing the death of the guild member. You must now return to Aran and tell him what happened.

4) This area has nothing to do with the main path of the game, but can be useful. The blacksmith Cromwell can assemble special items when you acquire all the necessary pieces. If you have any parts to a special item, drop by and let him take a look at what you have.

5) Inside the Shadow Thief Guild main entrance, you will see a guy named Bloodscalp; he has a quest involving this building. If your main character happens to be a Thief, then this is your stronghold quest; definitely take him up on it.

There are seven main areas to the Shadow Thief Underground level, they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

Ansicht vergrössern!

There isn't much to do down here except to find Aran and get his three quests. There is one small event at the alternate entrance, but feel free to explore the level. If you feel up for a laugh, go to the second training room. If Yoshimo is in your party, you will get some valuable input from him, as this is his kind of folk.

1 This is the entrance from the main Shadow Thief Guild area.

2) This is the alternate entrance that goes directly from this level back up to the Docks District. To see where the reverse entrance is, refer to the Docks map.

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