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3) Aran Linvail is the man in charge and who your money was sent to. However you feel about him, you have no choice but to do what he wants you to do. He will give you two good items in order to stay on your good side. You paid him to take you to where Imoen and Irenicus are being held and he will take you there, but you must complete his three quests first.

The first is to meet a Shadow Thief Guild member down by the docks. Refer to the Docks map for more details. The second is to go to the Five Flagon's Inn in the Bridge district and kill some defecting thieves. When you get there, kill the defecting thieves and feel free to also kill the opposing guild contact they are meeting -- he will show up a couple of minutes after they are dead. Now report back to Aran.

His third quest is much longer and takes place in the Graveyard district; this is your next stop. Look out, vampires, here we come!

4) This is the first training room

5) This is the second training room. Check this room out for a bit of a laugh.

6) This is the torture chamber.

7) This is the prison.

Better head off to the Graveyard to finish off Aran's third quest.

There are five main areas in the Graveyard District, they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

This area is a good level for finding some great places to loot and for a couple of good side quests. Your main quest here

is to enter the underground tomb, which has two entrances both marked on the map. Your first battles will be with some Spiders, so be sure to have some antidotes with you. Also, the Vampires can cast Level Drain on you, which temporarily removes levels, sometimes three or four at once! Restoration spells or scrolls will cure these spells, so pack a few of those as well. Also, the temple in the Slums district can restore your levels if needed. Before you go down to the underground tomb, you may want to clear out the treasure chambers; they are marked on the map. These are one-room chambers with little defense -- Skeletons or other weak creatures. Kill the defending monsters, loot the room and move on to the

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next one. There are some side quests marked on the map as well. These are explained more below.

1) These are the treasure chambers. Rush in, kill any defenders, loot the room and then move on to the next one. There are only minimal defenders in these rooms, usually Skeletons or monsters of the same strength.

2) These are the underground tomb entrances.

3) Side-Quest - When you get to this area a strange person called Nevin will run up to you and beg for your help. He believes that a walking corpse is following him. To finish this side quest, kill the corpse when it goes to attack you.

4) Side-Quest - When you go by here, you'll find that there is something weird happening in a near-by grave. If you click on it, a man will pop out who has been buried alive, believed to be dead. You can agree to find the man responsible if you wish. You must then talk with the gravekeeper to continue this side-quest.

5) A little ghost boy will approach you here (It may not be here all the time, it could be at different points in the graveyard). He wants you to find his stuffed teddy bear. The Dwarf in the Copper Coronet in the back rooms has it. Check back on the Copper Coronet map for more details. Return the stuffed bear to the ghost boy to complete this side-quest.

Once you are done here move on down to the underground tomb.

This level is quite difficult. The first four areas are very straightforward, but once you reach area five, the crap really hits the fan and things go a little crazy. There are four boss Vampires that need to be killed in order for the big kahuna

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