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Vampire, Bodhi, to rear her ugly head; she is your actual quest from Aran. The other four boss vampires are Tanova, Gellal, Lassal and Durst. When you kill a Vampire in combat it doesn't actually die completely; you only make it return to its coffin to regenerate and to rise again at a later time. To kill them completely you must find their coffins and stake them. Clicking on the coffin with a stake in your inventory does this. The coffin room is marked on the map but don't worry about it until you have killed everything.

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There are three additional areas that you must explore from here, the southern chamber, the home of the Spider queen and Lassal's quarters.

1) These are the two entrances from the Graveyard district. Both areas are trapped and need to be disarmed. Keep an eye out for the one on the left. Once you get out into the middle area that makes the semi circle, be prepared to fight packs of Spiders of about a half dozen. The Spiders will come in many forms, ranging from Babies to Wraiths to Swords and to Phase.

2) This is the entrance to the southern chamber if you have any undead enhanced weapons get them ready. Clear out this chamber before moving on to Area 4. See the Southern Chamber map for more details.

3) This is the nest of the Spider queen. If you played Baldur's Gate, you may remember fighting the Spider Queen in Cloakwood; this is almost the exact same battle. Kill the Spider Queen and loot the room. Remember to have your ranged fighters back up your melee fighters.

4) This is where you will meet up with the Mage and his Golem that Aran has sent. Prepare yourself for an attack when the Golem opens the doors. You will see Lassal, he will then retreat to his chambers, which you can find at area seven by using the stairs. Engage the enemy and try and stick behind the Golem and the Mage if things get too hot. Hey! Better them than you!

5) You are going to need to use whatever Protection spells you have for this area. Cast them on you and your party before entering this area. There are some Vampires waiting for you here and an extremely tough one at area 6. Use what spells you can and always have your ranged fighters backing up your melee fighters. Focused fire is still a must and will help to bring down those Vampires easier.

6) Defeating Tanova is tough -- she has an arsenal of mind control spells and can do some serious damage to your party in a matter of seconds. Priest spells such as Defensive Harmony, Chaotic Commands and Summoning spells are really, really hand y

here. She will shield herself, but you can dispel her shield. Dispelling her shield will leave her vulnerable to your melee, magic and ranged attacks. If one of your party gets seriously injured pull them back to get them healed or to stay out of the fight until a safer time. You will definitely need to heal your party after you have defeated Tanova and more than likely have to rest as well.

7) These are the stairs that lead down to Lassal's chambers; after you kill Tanova, make your way down here. This is just a long hallway with a small room at the end, where the battle will take place. Once you eliminate Lassal's minions, he will turn tail and warp up into the spike room (area 8). Better go get him then...

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