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8) This room is absolutely full of traps. The less you move about, the safer you are. This battle is easy if you can summon some animals or creatures to help you. Also having your party use ranged weapons is another plus for safety. Lassal will be on the far side behind the pool of blood in the middle of the room. Move your party in just close enough to spot him and have everyone use range attacks including whatever spells you can muster. Send any creatures or animals you have summoned to melee with Lassal and with your party using ranged attacks Lassal will fall quickly. Hopefully, if your summoned creatures take the brunt of the attack, the only damage you should take is from the traps in this room. Heal and rest when needed.

9) Durst and Gellal will be lurking in one of the remaining rooms of this level. Once you have killed them -- use the same tactics as you did for Lassal -- you need to head here to stake the Vampires and to encounter Bodhi. This is where the hidden door is located that will take you into this section.

10) This is the blood pool that has a fairly decent Mace in it. The only way to get the Mace is to click on the pool twice, the second time it tells you that you enter the pool to get the Mace. However, when you take the Mace out, a trap will be triggered and you will be diseased. Have a Cure spell on standby.

11) This is the coffin room, guarded by a Golem. There are three coffins here that you need to stake, make sure that you the bottom one last and move the rest of your party out into the hallway that is off to the side before doing so. You may want to summon some animals and creatures to block the doorway. When you click on the bottom coffin, Bodhi will emerge and a long conversation will ensue. The only outcome is battle. When the battle begins, run your character out into the hallway to the rest of your party. Block the door with your summoned animals and creatures and hit Bodhi with every ranged attack you have. Bodhi is one bad-ass mother and can lay the smack down hard and fast, so don't get cocky. Once your

summoned creatures start to get hurt, start taking their places with your melee fighters. Keep your ranged fighters using everything they have. Magic Missile is really handy here if you have the spell available. No matter how much damage you do to Bodhi, she will not die; once she registers as 'Near Death,' she will miraculously escape. This can't be helped. Head back to Aran and tell him what happened.

This concludes Chapter 3. You next stop is the island Asylum and the town of Brynnlaw. Imoen is being held there in a prison called 'Spellhold'. Irenicus is there also.

12) This is the exit back up to the surface.

This is the small southern chamber that connects with the Underground Tomb. Not a whole lot to do down here, but there is decent loot to be found in this small area.

Ansicht vergrössern!

There are 5 main areas in the Southern Chamber; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) When you enter this first area leave your party at the door, I suggest that you use whatever defensive spells you have on your party before going on. Note the painting of a man on the floor. Take a few steps toward it, take your toughest Fighter and move him onto the head of the painting. Be careful, as the painting is trapped, one on his hand that points south, one on his chin and two on his eyes. Once he is on the head of the painting, all of the rooms along the side of the room will open up and Undead will emerge and attack you. This battle is particularly difficult even if you know it's coming. Focus your attacks, one at a time. They shouldn't pose much trouble providing you make sure to take full advantage of your ranged attackers.

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