Chapter 4: Game Guide (english)

2) There is a Vampire lurking in this room, in the corner. Finish it off quickly.

3) This is the location of the hidden door that will open up the rest of the area.

4) There is a small and short battle in this hallway. Keep in a tight formation and focus your attacks and you should do fine.

5) There are three traps in this area and one more in the outer hall to the east. There are also several places to search and loot here also.

When you are done return to the main Tomb.

Alrighty, with Bodhi badly wounded and fleeing, go and check in with Aran one last time. This will conclude Chapter 3! Now you're on your way to Chapter 4 and to rescuing Imoen and dealing with Irenicus! Next stop: Asylum! Soon more ?

The other parts are from a FAQ

Chapter 4

Q1: How do I get into the asylum?

A1: Shut down the local brothel to make a couple of local connections. You can either take a wardstone off the dead fingers of a Cowled Wizard living in a house on the east, or talk Desharik the Pirate Lord into giving you a free ride.


Q2: How can I beat Bhaal? My attacks don't seem to be fazing him!

A2: You need to run and talk to Imoen inside of Candlekeep first.


Q3: Argh, this sucks! Yoshimo's turned against me. Is there anything I can do to bring him back?

A3: No. Kick his ass. Don't forget to redeem him later, though, at a Temple of Ilmater (there's one in Waukeen's Promenade).


Q4: Some of these riddles are perplexing. Give a brother some love and help me out?

A4: No. The riddles are fun, but they're not too difficult, especially because they give you a list of things to choose from. Just take a second to think about it, and I'm sure the answers will spring to mind.


Q5: Should I trust Saemon?

A5: No, but you might as well go along for the ride, anyway.


Chapter 5

Q1: How do I get inside the Drow City? I don't fancy fighting them all.

A1: Visit the Svirfneblin in the northwest of the Underdark. Do them a favor, and they'll tell you how to make nice with Adalon the Silver Dragon.


Q2: How do I get Adalon's eggs back?

A2: You'll be forced to run several quests for Phaere. After you complete them all (don't dally too long or you'll be denounced), she'll set you aside and ask you to steal and replace the eggs. If you were nice to Soulafein, then he'll slip you another set of replacement eggs to fool Phaere.


Q3: Ach de lieber, this is not einer boobie! I've been captured by the illithid and they're making me fight for their amusement and saying stuff like, 'Dance, monkey boy! Dance for my amusement!' What now?

A3: After your first battle with some umber hulks, you'll be able to open the door next to you. You can plot with the Githyanki to break free.


Q4: How do I open some of these doors in the Mind Flayer city?

A4: You'll need to free the slaves by acquiring some of the mind flayer eggs and them using them on the slave machinery. You'll be able to create 4 slave collars using the big shagnasty machine in the corner. Don't waste any of them except when you nab an illithid for the express purpose of opening an otherwise sealed door. There'll always be an illithid in the egg room, so don't despair if you've killed all the others.


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