Chapter 6: Game Guide (english)

Chapter 6

Q1: Crap! I killed Drizzt in BG1, and now he's pissed. What can I do?

A1: If you're sufficiently penitent or reasonable, you can win Drizzt over. Take all the help you can get when confronting Bodhi.


Q2: So where is Bodhi and the Rhynn Lanthorn, anyway?

A2: Go back to the beginning, my son. She's hanging out in her old haunts (rim shot).


Chapter 7

Q1: Can you help me with something here?

A1: No, go enjoy the game. _



Q1: Where's Aerie?

A1: In the circus tent in Waukeen's Promenade.


Q2: Aerie's 'uncle' is Quayle. Will he join up?

A2: No, but when he requests help later on, that'll lead you to Haer'Dalis.


Q3: Where's Korgan Bloodaxe?

A3: Chillin' in the Copper Coronet.


Q4: Where's Valygar Corthala?

A4: Hiding out in Umar Hills.


Q5: If you're such a Mr. Smarty Man FAQ Writer, why's he hiding out in Umar Hills?

A5: Because the Cowled Wizards are interested in him. Valygar is the key to the Planar Sphere in the Slums District.


Q6: Where's Anomen Derlyn?

A6: He's a member of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart.


Q7: Will Anomen fall in love with my female PC?

A7: Yes. As far as I know, Anomen is the only male NPC with whom a female character can get romantically involved.


Q8: Will Anomen fall in love with my male PC?

A8: No, but I'm sure a few years in prison would rectify that.


Q9: Where's Cernd?

A9: Chillin' in the dungeon in Trademeet.


Q10: Why the Hell would I put Cernd in my group?

A10: Dropped as a baby?


Q11: Where's Jan Jansen?

A11: He'll be hawking his wares in the Government District.


Q12: Is it true that Jan makes cool equipment?

A12: Only if 'cool' really means 'mostly lame.'


Q13: Where's Yoshimo?

A13: You should stumble upon Yoshimo as you leave Irenicus' lair.


Q14: Where's Nalia De'Arnise?

A14: Chillin' in the Copper Coronet and looking for help.


Q15: Is Nalia as hot as I think?

A15: Hotter.


Q16: Oops, Nalia's snotty betrothed ran off with her. How do I get her back?

A16: Prove that he likes to hang out in hives of scum and villainy. One of the soldiers who accompanies him will give you all the clues you need.


Q17: Where's Keldorn Firecam?

A17: You'll bump into him in the sewers just outside the Cult of the Sightless Eye.


Q18: Where's Mazzy Fentan?

A18: Chillin' in a cell in the Temple Ruins. You'll need a key from the Shadow Jailor in order to free her.


Q19: Fentan, Fentan. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?

A19: Yup, her home is in Trademeet. You may have to help her sister out. Mazzy also has a subquest in and around the Copper Coronet.


Q20: Where's Haer'Dalis?

A20: You first have to rescue Haer'Dalis from the clutches of a wizard who makes his base in the Sewers. You may also have to chase after him and rescue him from the clutches of a cambion.


Q21: Where's Imoen?

A21: (smack)


Q22: Where's Jaheira?

A22: (double smack)


Q23: Where's Minsc?

A23: In the Uppah U.S. (you have to imagine the right accent go get that)


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