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Q24: Where's Edwin Odesseiron?

A24: If you accept the quests of the Shadow Thieves (through Yoshimo at first) and prove Mae'Var's treachery, Edwin will offer to join you.


Q25: Where's Viconia deVir?

A25: She's warming her toes by a fire in the Government District. You'll have to fend off some angry fanatics to free her.


Q26: Is it true that Mazzy, Edwin, and Haer'Dalis are extraordinary characters?

A26: Yes. They have abilities far above and beyond those indicated by their character class alone.


Q27: Which female NPCs will fall in love with my male PC?

A27: Aeire, Nalia, and Jaheira. Maybe Imoen, but I haven't verified that yet.


Q28: Will any female NPCs fall in love with my female NPC?

A28: I haven't seen evidence of it yet, but I always have my trusty video camera just in case.


Strategy and Miscellaneous

Q1: Where are all the parts of The Equalizer?

A1: The pommel is in Irenicus' lair, and the other two parts in the Underdark in the possession of an Elder Eye and the Elder Brain.


Q2: Why are golems such a pain in my ass?

A2: Because they were never meant to be ingested anally. Golems all have a large amount of magic resistance and different types are immune to different things. It's safe to say that you should fight them with +2 weapons, but also keep in mind that different golems are also immune or resistant to different types of damage. This applies to types of weapons (slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, etc.) as well as magic.


Q3: How do I fight dragons?

A3: Very very carefully. You can go through the game without having to kill a single dragon, but then you're missing out on a whole lot of loot and experience. There are four good pieces of dragon-killing equipment that I know of: long sword, halberd, shield, and helmet. It helps to have these before you tackle one of the dragons in the game. Make sure you've cast all your defensive spells, and it doesn't hurt to summon a lot of monsters (up to 5) to serve as fodder. The dragons have different breath weapons and abilities, so that should influence what equipment and spells you use. The dragons will be hard to hit with weapons at first, so it's up to your mages to carry the day. With two mages, you should have them memorize certain spells before wading into combat.

Emphasize Magic Missile, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Flame Arrow. Good offensive priest spells include Holy Smite, Flame Strike, and Bolt of Glory. Magic Missile will probably carry the day and inflict a good bit of damage before your warriors will finally be able to land a hit. Also make sure to have Breach and Pierce Magic handy, as the dragons are all expert spellcasters as well. If you want to be really cheesy, you can sometimes shoot off a Cloudkill or three before they are 'activated' as enemies. They'll be dead or mostly dead by the time they see you and react.


Q4: How do I fight vampires and the more powerful undead?

A4: There are some very good items you should pick up that will greatly aid your battle against the undead. The Copper Coronet sells Azuredge and you can find the Mace of Disruption in the Vampire lair in a pool of blood. Both weapons have the chance to instantly kill the undead. Make sure you have a cleric capable of casting Restoration, or carry a few scrolls of said spell around with you. There are other good anti-undead weapons out there as well, such as Flame Tongue and the Bone Club. Just keep an eye out for them.


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