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Go through the passage to the west and kill the Goblins here. Be careful of the Goblin archers at the back of the passage -- these little buggers can inflict some serious damage if not killed quickly. Heal if you need to; Jaheria has some healing spells and, depending on your class, you might too. Rest if needed; while you are in a hurry, you can rest in the dungeon without your capturer returning. Follow the passage and you will come to a T-section. Go forward into the tunnels and then head east. Kill any Goblins that cross your path and enter the door at the end of the passage.

This is Rielev's room; talk to him in the tube and offer him release. You will take the power cells from the tube and Rielev will die a deserved death after the suffering and torment he has been through. Search the room and be sure to take the activation stone from the table -- you will need it later. The power cells can be used on tubes in the room west of the T-Section. You can power up the surviving creatures in the tubes to talk to them; unfortunately they have gone insane and offer little help, but do hint at a Djinni around here someplace. Search the barrel in this room for more equipment.

Go back to the T-section. Go into the passage to the east. Enter the room and kill the Radiant Mephit. Talk with the Golem -- it is blind so it cannot harm you. Tell it you are its master and have it perform its duties. It will ask for the activation stone, the one you found in Rielev's room. Give the stone to the Golem and it will open the pit doors. Follow the Golem and enter the pit room. An Otyugh is guarding this room; kill it and take the Wand of Frost key (you'll be getting six keys total). Search the room and then follow the passage to the northwest and into the library. Kill the Goblins and the Mephit here; take some time to read the books if you wish.

Continue northwest out of the library and through the passage. Follow the passage and you will come to Ilyich and some Duergars. They will attack you. Use any spells to your advantage and be wary of the mages at the back of the room. Search the room and the bodies and be sure to get the acorns off of Ilyich's body; these are needed for a side quest later on. Now head into the passage to the northeast -- watch out for the trap on the wall, and remove it if you can. Enter the room here, where a Cambion is being held inside a shield bubble. Use the machine to release it. It will attack you; kill it and search its body. Return to the room with the dead Otyugh.

Once here, enter the door to the northeast. Kill the Goblins and enter the door at the end of the passage. This is the master's chamber. This room is protected by traps; search the room but make sure to check everything for traps. Imoen is good at removing traps. Head southeast into the gardens. Talk with the Dryads. If you agree to help them, you need the acorns from Ilyich. Bring them back to the Dryads and they will give you the side quest.

Now head south to the Mistress' bedroom. This entire room is guarded by traps -- every container, such as the tables and chests. The front door is guarded by an alarm. Remove it if you can or just trigger it. If you can't remove the traps you

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