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will have to take them one at a time and have some healing time in between. Make sure you at least get the portal key from the chest at the foot of the bed. There are also some valuable gems and equipment in the room, if you can get to them without being killed. Two golems will come to stop you, so deal with them.

Leave the bedroom and return to the first room. Head northwest into the portal room. Use the portal, providing you have the key from the Mistress' bedroom, to get to the second level of the dungeon. Once you arrive at the second level Yoshimo will greet you. He is another prisoner. Be nice to him and have him join your party; he is skilled with using a bow. I suggest

you have him use the bow for now, as it comes in handy soon. Listen to him when he tells you of the two rooms ahead. Head through the northeast door into the first room Yoshimo told you about.

This room has four portals in it; these portals are spawning Mephits, so they need to be destroyed quickly. The Mephits won't give you experience, so have everyone attack the portals as quickly as possible. Once the portals and the Mephits have been destroyed, search the room. Be nice to Jaheria when she sees Khalid dead. Head into the connecting room with the clone jars and get a key from the clone. Exit the room through the northwest passage. Head through the passage and kill the Mephit and Goblins. Enter the door into a small anteroom. There is a trap on the opposite door, so be careful before entering.

Several wands that rest on the left side of the room protect this room. If you walk up the middle of the room, they will attack you unless they are deactivated. You should have the keys to deactivate the wands, but it isn't necessary as you can just walk up the left side of the room where the wands are. Use the wands to deactivate them, providing you have the keys, or just avoid them. Head to the top of the room and search the statue. Take the ring. There are three passages on the right side of the room. The bottom one is the only one needed for exiting the dungeon.

The topmost passage will take you to the armoury; it is protected by Duergars and Mages. Kill them and then search the room and their bodies for gold and equipment.

The middle passage leads to another prisoner named Frennedan. Release him by finding the key in one of the chests in the same room. Search the room and his cell for equipment. Unfortunately, once he is released he turns bad and tries to kill you -- don't let him.

Now head back to the bottom of the room and follow the bottom passage. Enter the room and talk with the assassin. No matter what you say he will attack you. More assassins will emerge; make sure you kill them all. Heal and rest if needed. Exit the room to the southeast and then go down the ramp; once at the bottom turn around and follow the sewer northeast until the exit sign appears. You are now free of the dungeon!

Watch the battle. Afterwards head south into the market and question the locals. You can also buy and sell items with the shopkeeper. You can also have things identified if needed. Jaheria suggests that visiting the slums could bring some more answers. There is a group of tough guys in the second floor of the Seven Vales, if you are up for a challenge, and the circus is having problems as well. If you take that quest, the prince is 30 and the princess is 40.

You can pick up Aerie there -- she is disguised as an ogre. Also, as you run through the levels of the circus, try to run up the stairs as fast as possible; the guy you really want to kill is Kalah, the guy on the top level. The reward from this guy is a ring of human influence, which boosts your charisma up to 18. Once finished, head for the district exit and the slums.

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