Chapter 2: Game Guide (english)

Once you arrive here, Gaelan Bayle will greet you. He says that he can help you find Irenicus and Imoen. Be nice to him and accept his offer; also agree to follow him back to his home. Hear out his offer. Accept the deal of 20,000 gold pieces. Then ask how you can get such money; he will then tell you that there will be work available for you in the Copper Coronet. He will have his nephew take you there. You now have a goal -- to get 20,000 gold pieces so that you can find Imoen and Irenicus.

Chapter 2

You begin this chapter in the slums after meeting with Gaelan Bayle. You major quest now is to gather the 20,000 gold pieces to give to Gaelan in exchange for the help and information to get Imoen free and to find Irenicus. You should have nowhere near 20,000 gold pieces, so you are going to need to find some work. Your first stop should be the Copper Coronet.

There are several people inside the Copper Coronet that are willing to join your party, and there are also several sub-quests for you to pickup. There are many, many ways to go about getting the 20,000 gold pieces, and the side quests are how you accomplish your main quest. I myself recommend doing two large sub-quests that you get in the Copper Coronet: freeing

the slaves, which is a two-part quest, and ridding Nalia's castle of the evil that has invaded it. The latter quest is also good for the Fighter class, as it is the Stronghold quest as well.

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There are six main areas in the Slums; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) This is Gaelan Bayle's home. There is a good shop upstairs if you have the gold.

2) This is the Copper Coronet; you should visit this place for party members and several quests, which can help you to raise the 20,000 gold pieces you need.

3) This is the place that the second part of the slave quest begins; however, this is not the way you want to enter. The best way is to clear out the sewers by going through the Copper Coronet and then entering from there.

4) This is the temple. If one of your party should die, come to this place to have them resurrected.

5) This is a Halfling black market merchant that will only appear at night. He has some very good equipment to sell, providing you have the gold; remember that your main quest is to gather 20,000 gold pieces -- not spend them all!

6) The Planar Sphere is the location of a big sub-quest, which is also the Stronghold quest for the Wizard class. However, the only way you can do this is by going to Umar Hills and having the Ranger named Valygar join your party.

Make your way over to Copper Coronet. You will no doubt spend a fair amount of time here. This place is very useful for a number of things: party members, sub-quests, equipment and a room for the night. The most important party member you could pick up here is Nalia, a dual-classed Mage from a Thief. You should have her join your party, as she becomes important shortly. She will tell you of the peril she and her family are in. Accept her sub-quest and make sure you have her join your party. Next I suggest taking up the Beastmaster quest, which is the first part of the slave quest where you will free Hendak and he will give you the second part of the quest. You start this quest by talking to Lehtinan by the bar.

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