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There are 10 main areas in the Copper Coronet; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) This is where Krogan is loafing about. He is an evil Dwarven Berserker that can be valuable if you are short of some muscle in your party. There is also a gang of thugs here that have nothing to do with the story, but it is fun to challenge them in the arena.

2) This is where Yoshimo will be if you didn't have him join you in the first chapter.

3) This is where Anomen hangs out; he is a dual-classed Cleric from a Fighter. He can join your party if you wish it. He has good healing abilities and is a good melee fighter.

4) This is where Nalia is; she is the most important person here in Copper Coronet. She is almost the same as Imoen, dual-classed Mage from a Thief. Make sure that you have her join your party.

5) This is where the head honchos of the Copper Coronet are. Bernard is the shopkeeper/barman/innkeeper, and Lehtinan is the guy who operates the cloak-and-dagger type stuff in the back rooms. Talk to him about the 'other' forms of entertainment and he will give you access to the back rooms. Also seek out Lord Jierdan for sub-quests.

6) This is the secret entrance to the sewers; you should head here after you have finished in the Copper Coronet.

7) After you get access to this section you will be attacked by several guards when you reach this area. Eliminate them and talk to Hendak, who is in the middle cell. You need to get the key from the Beastmaster to release him.

8) This is the arena. You will fight the Beastmaster here. It is best to set an ambush for the Beastmaster; try and have your ranged fighters and mages just outside the door leading to the cells -- you can block the door with your melee fighters to keep the ranged attackers safe. Naturally, the Beastmaster will not be alone.

9) Once you have a character reveal the Beastmaster in all the fog, all the doors will open and several large cats and bears will emerge from them. If you have Anomen in your party you can use his spell of Protection From Normal Missiles, because shortly after the animals are released the Beastmaster will start firing arrows at you. You need to rush the Beastmaster once you have his 'pets' under control.

Once he is dead, take the key and his bow and head back to Hendak. Open the side cells before freeing Hendak for more experience. Once Hendak is released the rest of the guards will turn hostile, so get ready for another battle. You will need to fight your way back to the main area. Once back at the main area, Hendak will kill Lehtinan. Talk to Hendak again and he will ask you to free the rest of the slaves by going through the sewer entrance and rescuing them from the prisons they are being held in. You should head there next. For freeing Hendak you will receive a discount with Bernard.

10) This is the back place of the Copper Coronet. If you see an angry Dwarf called Llynis in one of the rooms, kill him and take the stuffed bear he has. It belongs to a ghost boy you will find in the Graveyard area.

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Let's finish the second part of the slave quest. Make your way to the sewer entrance in the Copper Coronet. The enemies you will face in the sewers are not very difficult to defeat, because the main obstacle in the sewers is completing a pipe puzzle at the end. You need four items to complete the pipe puzzle. From here you can access the slave stockade and finish Hendak's quest.

There are 10 main areas in the sewers; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) A batch of Hobgoblins is waiting for you here. They are not particularly difficult to defeat, providing you kill the Shaman first.

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