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2) This is the location where you will the first item for the pipe puzzle. When you enter this room you will be attacked by an Otyugh and some jellies. Kill them and then search the sewer grate to find 'Vallah's Hand.'

3) This is the location of the second piece to the pipe puzzle. Notice the two skeletons hanging together on wall. Search them to get the 'Lover's Ring.'

4) This is a side room with some Myconid in it. Kill them for experience and search their bodies for equipment.

5) There is a trap here; remove it if you can and then search the room. There is also another trap in the section ahead, so remove it as well, if you can.

6) This is the location of the third piece to the pipe puzzle. It is the 'Shaman's Staff,' and is guarded by Kobolds on both sides of the water. Kill them and then take the puzzle piece.

7) A lone Carrion Crawler resides here. Kill it for experience and then search the area.

8) This is where you will find Quallo, who is under a spell that makes him babble and carry on like a loony. This is also the location of the fourth and final piece to the pipe puzzle. To get it you need to force an attack on Quallo's pet Carrion Crawler to get a vial of blood. Make a note to return here and talk with Quallo when you have completed the pipe puzzle.

9) The pipe puzzle is your last stop in the sewers. You have to click on a pipe and read the clue it gives you and then decide which item goes there. The solution is actually determining the order to click the pipes a second time. If you are wrong in your order, a weak lightning bolt hits you. For lazy readers, here is the order for the pipes:

Pipe 3 = Hand

Pipe 1 = Ring

Pipe 2 = Blood

Pipe 4 = Staff

Once this is done you should get an experience bonus and a very nice two-handed sword that just happens to talk. Unfortunately all it says is mumbo-jumbo that makes little sense.

10) You are now ready to enter the slave stockade. Make sure that you and your party are rested and healed before venturing forth. Unlike the sewers there are some tough battles ahead.

Head onwards into the slave stockade.

There are two ways to enter the slave stockade; one is through the sewers and the other is directly from the Slum's district. I strongly suggest entering through the Sewers so that you can use the map above to your advantage -- also, entering through the sewers is easy, quicker and safer. This area has two major events in it and both are difficult. I also strongly recommend pursuing the quest that Nalia gave you -- saving her castle.

Ansicht vergrössern!

There are nine main areas in the Slave Stockade; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) As soon as you enter through this door you will be attacked by Captain Haegan and his 'merry men' (Slavers); his party includes several archers, which pose a threat if left alone. If Anomen is in your party you can use his spell of Protection Against Normal Missiles to protect himself or any other members of your party before entering. Nalia should be able to cast this spell also -- use it to your advantage. Summon some creatures to help you if you can, but leave at least one decent summoning spell for the next battle, unless you intend to rest in the meantime. This battle is difficult because the enemies are strategically placed in an ambush position, whereas your party is staggered and strewn about. Chromatic Orb,

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