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Hold Person and Charm Person spells are extremely useful here; use them at your discretion. Try and disable the slavers to even the numbers. When you have eliminated these menaces, search their bodies. Captain Haegan has some decent items and there are several gems to pocket. Make sure that you take the key from Haegan before venturing further.

2) When you unlock the cell here, there are a couple of Trolls inside. Knock them down and then kill them by using fire or acid; this is the only way to kill these creatures, so be sure to have some fire or acid spells handy. Talk with the little girl to free her.

3) This is a trap -- disable it if you can or just avoid it. If you must avoid it, give it a wide berth.

4) There are two cells here that can be opened. Ready your party for battle with some Mages before heading any further. Dispel Magic spells come in really handy here. Make sure that you rush the Mages to minimize damage taken.

5) Once you reach this room you will have some Yuan-Ti attack you from area 6 and some Mages and Archers from area 7. The Mages pose the biggest threat. They should be your first targets. Rushing Mages is about your best chance of killing them. If one of your party should be badly injured, you can escape by running back down the hallway and into one of the cells. Don't worry, the Mages won't follow. If you attack from the entrance at area 9 you will more than likely set off the trap in area 8, which is hidden on the staircase.

The Mages will cast some Confusion and Domination spells, which can turn things bad for you. The Mages need to be killed first and with haste, before they can inflict any serious damage on your party. Summoning some animals will help to kill the Mages; charge into the room and send the summoned animals straight after them. Minsc and any other decent melee fighters are best put to use killing the Yuan-Ti. Have everyone else stay back and attack using ranged weapons and spells. You may also want to keep your ranged attackers back in the middle room, because they may be overwhelmed in the main room.

6) Some Yuan-Ti are in this room; however, they will most likely emerge to engage you before you reach this room. Use melee fighters against these enemies.

7) Some Mages and Archers occupy this room. Like the Yuan-Ti, they may also emerge to engage you before you reach that room. Mages and Archers can cause a lot of damage. Make sure you rush these enemies with your melee fighters while your ranged fighters attack from a distance.

8) This is the trapped staircase. Try and disarm this trap if you can; if not, be ready to take some damage.

9) This is the entrance to the Slums. There are traps here, so be careful and disarm them if you can. Also search this area for equipment and items.

All enemy presence should be gone, or almost gone. Once you have freed the slaves from their cells you will have finished the Slave quest, and I now suggest that you go on with the quest given to you by Nalia. Head to Nalia's castle to begin the quest.

This quest is great for raising the money needed to give to Gaelan. It is also a great quest if you happen to be a Fighter, because once you have completed the quest Nalia will ask if you want to take over the castle as your own. Like most things there is a bad side; Trolls have overrun this castle and are everywhere. You will need a helluva lot of fire and/or acid spells handy, so stock up and memorize them.

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