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9) This room holds the oven in which you can cook the dog stew, providing you have all four dog meats. Make the stew and keep it handy. You will need this stew when you get to the Cellar.

10) This staircase leads to the second floor. Head up this staircase.

There are 10 main areas in the Castle's Second Floor; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

This floor is a lot more difficult than the first one. One note: Do not open the door to the Golem room (Area 10) until you have finished the level! This will be explained later in the area 10 section of this floor. One of the most important items

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you need on this floor is the keep key and the flail head that Glacias has. The third flail head is in the Golem room; information on how to get this comes later. There are also six hidden doors on this floor.

1) This is the entrance to this floor. Be ready for a small battle upon entering. Remember to rest and heal when needed.

2) This is the library. Be ready for another, much tougher, battle. Some Trolls and a Yuan-Ti Mage will attack you. The Yuan-Ti Mage is very tough and has an array of mind-control spells. Have some Protection and Dispel Magic spells ready. Focus on one target at a time; try and kill the Mage first. If you focus on one target at a time, the enemies will fall

faster. Remember to use Acid or Fire spells on the Trolls to kill them. When they are dead, search their bodies and be sure to take the keep key from the bookcase, then head back to the entrance to this floor and then to area 3.

3) This is a small room that contains some items and a hidden door. You need to find the hidden door here that will give you access to the hallway (Area 4). The fireplace contains some items, but it is trapped. Disarm it if you can or be prepared to take some damage. Take the items from the fireplace and head into area 4.

4) This is the hallway; follow it round and reveal the hidden door at the other end.

5) Be ready for a fight in this room. Use whatever spells you have to your advantage, and have your melee attackers focus their attacks. Once the enemies are dead you will need to disarm the trap on the door, which leads to area 6. Once you have disarmed it move on into area 6.

6) Glacias is a tough swordsman; attack him and have your magically endowed party members use whatever spells they have to bring this enemy to his knees. At the same time, get your melee fighters in on the brawl and rip Glacias to shreds. When he is dead, loot his corpse and be sure to take the flail head and what ever else catches your fancy.

7) Backtrack your way to the hallway and then follow the long outer hallway until you end up here at area 7.

8) This is Lady Delcia's room. She is very rude and full of herself. Just let Nalia talk with her and then move on through the hidden door behind her.

9) This is a little hallway with two hidden doors in it -- it also leads you to the stairs that takes you to the Cellar and your final battle with the boss Troll. Head to the Cellar to face the boss Troll and finish this quest.

10) Once you have finished the Cellar I would advise doing this area. Otherwise you are going to find some very pissed-off Golems chasing you around the castle. Okay, the castle has been cleared; time to get the last flail head from the Golem room. There are five to six Golems in this room, and they will be hell-bent on turning you and your party into little piles of squishy goo. So you have two options; kill them or avoid and outrun them. Outrunning sounds like the best idea, unless you want to suffer some heavy damage and even some casualties.

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